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FALL 2012 Rio Hondo College Student Parking Rules & Regulations

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Construction related to the Rio Hondo College Building Access and Excellence building program is in progress! Over the next several years, the College will provide campus maps, on a regular basis, which show roads and areas closed due to construction as well as updated tram routes/stops. Please consider planning ahead your route to the campus and your parking plans. Directional signs will be in placed around the campus to ensure safe circulation. Campus Map updates can be obtained on the web at www.riohondocollege.info.

PARKING PERMIT FEES: STUDENT VEHICLE AND MOTORCYCLE PARKING STICKERS ARE OBTAINED, IN PERSON ONLY, AT THE CASHIER OR ADMISSION’S OFFICE. A vehicle parking sticker for fall and spring is $22.50 and $10.00 for summer. A motorcycle parking sticker for fall and spring is $10.50 and $5.50 for summer. Summer parking stickers are valid for all summer sessions. A $2.00 cash only payment for a daily temporary parking permit is obtained at the Information Booth on Level 2 and College Drive. Booth location is subject to change during the first few week of the fall, spring, or summer session due to campus construction or traffic congestion. Bills larger than $10 are accepted only upon change availability. Temporary parking permits are not refundable.

VALIDITY OF STUDENT SEMESTER PARKING STICKERS: Student semester parking stickers are valid for the semester indicated on the sticker only. A student parking permit is not required in student stalls during semester breaks.

PERMIT PLACEMENT: Parking stickers shall be affixed to vehicle's non-tinted windshield or rear window, or display on rear-view mirror with a transparent permit holder obtainable at the RHC Bookstore. Do not affix parking sticker over rear window defrost wiring. Damage to defrost wiring may occur if permit is scrapped or peeled off. Displaying parking sticker on vehicle's side windows is prohibited. Temporary parking permits must be displayed on the vehicle’s dashboard with name/date exposed. Motorcycle stickers must be visibly displayed on the motorcycle’s windshield or front or left fork.

MOTORCYCLE PARKING: Student motorcycle or motorize bikes shall be parked within the designated motorcycle parking zones are located in lots B, C, or Level 4. Vehicles are prohibited from parking within a motorcycle parking zone. Double parking in a motorcycle stall is prohibited.

MARKED STALL PARKING: A vehicle is prohibited, at all times, from parking over a marked stall. Vehicles parked over the marked stall shall be cited, even if the vehicle you parked adjacent to was already parked outside of a marked stall. No vehicle or motorized bike shall be parked or left standing in any area other than within a marked parking stall.

INFORMATION BOOTH HOURS: The information booth is open 24/7, but permits are sold as early as 5:45 a.m.to 9:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 5:45 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays. Free student parking is provided after booth hours.

STUDENT/VISITOR PARKING: With a valid student permit, a student or visitor shall park in lots 1, 2, 2B, 3 (north side), 4, 5, 6, A, C, and J only.

PROHIBITED PARKING: No person shall stop, park, or leave standing, whether attended or unattended, any vehicle or motorized cycle within an intersection, in front of a public/private driveway, any portion of a sidewalk, adjacent to, or in front of the RHC Bookstore and Administration Building, along red zones or fire lanes, in front of entrances/exits to parking lots, on crosswalks, on any portion of a sidewalk or walkway, in no parking areas, on landscape areas, in front of doorway of building, paved or unpaved roads/grounds not designated as a parking area, within 15 feet from a fire hydrant, along yellow zones (unless for loading/unloading purpose), in a disabled person parking stall without a valid disabled person placard/license plate, over a marked stall, double parked in a stall utilized by another vehicle or motorized bike. Non-compliance to any of the prohibited parking areas shall result in the issuance of a parking citation and potential towing of vehicle at owner’s expense.

DISABLED PERSON (DP) PARKING: The law prohibits any person from leaving parked or standing any vehicle in a stall designated for a DP, to block, obstruct, or bar access to stall/spaces, to park/leave standing any vehicle, including vehicles displaying a DP placard/license plate, in lines marking boundaries of DP stall or cross-hatch lines next to DP stall. Violation of this law shall result in a hefty $365.00 fine.

A person who, with fraudulent intent, displays or causes or permits to be displayed an altered, counterfeit, or false disabled person placard, is subject to a $365.00 violation. CVC-4463(3)(c)

The expiration date of a DMV DP placard shall be visible to the citing officer, at all times, while parked in a DP stall. Failure to comply shall be subject to a $365.00 fine. When DP stalls are full, a DP may park in any student or staff stalls (except in lot G) with only a valid DP license plate or placard. Expired DP placards are subject to a $365.00 fine.

LOST, FORGOTTEN, OR STOLEN PARKING PERMIT: If your semester parking sticker was lost or stolen, you may obtain another semester sticker from the Cashier’s office, at full price, or purchase a $2 daily student parking permit, on a daily basis, at the Information Booth on Level 2.

If you purchased a semester parking sticker and affixed it to a vehicle you are no longer driving, scrap the ENTIRE sticker and present sticker pieces to the Cashier’s office for a replacement. If your vehicle has been stolen, along with your semester sticker, present an official police report to the Cashier’s office for a replacement. If you forgot your permit, you will be required to pay the $2 daily permit fee at the Information Booth.

INVALID PARKING PERMITS: A RHC student temporary or semester parking permit is invalid when it is forged, altered, defaced, duplicated, expired, illegible, or utilized by a person other than the assigned permit holder.

SEMESTER PARKING STICKER REFUND/WAIVER: A parking sticker refund or waiver is obtained at the Cashier's Office and honored on or before the refund deadline. Refer to www.Riohondo.edu for parking refund/waiver information, or contact the Cashier's Office at (562) 463-7097.

PARKING CITATIONS: To contest a parking citation, you may appeal online at Pticket.com or submit your written appeal to Rio Hondo College, P.O Box 2081, Tustin, CA 92781 no later than 21 calendar days from the issuance date of a Notice of Parking Violation, or 14 calendar days from the mailing of the Parking Violation Reminder Notice. Appeal results are mailed within three weeks of mailing date. NOTE: Late Appeals Are Not Reviewed!!!

PARKING CITATION PAYMENTS/PENALTIES: Parking citation payments can be made in any of the following methods: By mailed to Rio Hondo College, P.O. Box 2081, Tustin CA 92781, by MasterCard, Visa, or Discover at Pticket.com, or by telephone at (800) 553-4412, agency #7464. Do not send cash payments! There is a $3 service fee for online or telephone payments. A $15 penalty shall be applied to late payments, and a $10 penalty for bounce checks. Parking citation payments are not accepted at Rio Hondo College.

PARKING ENFORCEMENT: By the authority given through California Vehicle Code (CVC) 21113, Rio Hondo Community College District’s Board of Trustees has adopted these rules and regulations to facilitate the flow of traffic and parking and to provide for the safety of all individuals utilizing the RHC grounds. These rules/regulations shall be enforced 24-hours a day, seven days a week. The Whittier Municipal Court has jurisdiction over all citations issued on the RHC grounds.

PARKING LIABILITY: Any person operating a vehicle on the RHC ground shall abide by the college’s Parking Rules and Regulation, California Vehicle Codes, and posted traffic signs, signals, traffic controls, and traffic directions of the campus security. RHC parking enforcement shall issue parking citations for non-compliance.

Non-payment of citation may result in any of the following: 1) Towing of vehicle - CVC 22651(i)(1)(c), 2) Subject to DMV registration hold, 3) Subject to collections via collection agency or Franchise Tax Board.

Drive-away notices are mailed to vehicle’s registered owner for failing to wait or accept a parking citation issued by a RHC law enforcement officer.

If you are violating the Fire Lane or Red Zone ordinance while parked in front of the RHC Bookstore, and your vehicle was photographed, you will receive a Drive-Away ticket in the mail if you leave the scene before the officer can hand you the ticket.

The college assumes no responsibility for any loss and/or damage to any vehicle or contents.

Student and staff parking stickers are not transferrable. A student possessing a staff sticker not intended for him/her shall be cited and have staff sticker confiscated.

No person shall abandon, or leave standing, any vehicle or motorized cycle for 72 or more consecutive hours without the permission of the RHC Parking Services or Facilities staff. Vehicle is subject to towing for non-compliance.

A peace officer who enforces parking laws and regulations, and directs traffic in a city, county, or jurisdiction of a state agency shall have the authority to tow a vehicle at vehicle owner’s expense. CVC 22651.

Overnight parking is permissible only with prior approval by the Parking Services or Facilities staff. Unauthorized overnight parking shall be subject to towing at vehicle owner’s expense.

All vehicles and motorized bikes parked on the RHC grounds must display a license plate or complete vehicle identification number (VIN). Vehicles or motorized bike shall be subject to towing if license plate or VIN is removed and/or covered while violating any of the RHC parking rules/regulations.

Parking rules, parking regulations, parking citations, and permit fees are subject to change without notice.




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