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Spring 2014 Graduation/Certificate of Achievement

Deadline to petition for Spring 2014 Graduation or Certificate of Achievement is:
Friday, April 4, 2014

Rio Hondo College awards Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degrees.  Students must complete general education requirements, in addition to their major requirements.  A minimum of 12 units in residence is required.

Provided that a student maintains continuous enrollment, the student may elect to meet the graduation requirements in effect at the time of entrance at Rio Hondo College or at the time of graduation or any semester in between if the requirements have changed.  The student may be required to make substitutions for discontinued courses. Continuous enrollment is defined as registering in at least one course each semester and receiving a grade of A, B, C, D, F, CR, NC, I or W  at Rio Hondo College or any other campus within the California Community College or California State University systems.  If there is a break in enrollment for more than three consecutive semesters, the student will be held to the new requirements listed in the catalog at the time of re-enrollment.

Students planning to graduate should file the petition to graduate during the semester in which they will complete the requirements.  The deadlines for filing graduation petitions are:

Summer:  Third Friday in July
Fall:            First Friday in November
Spring:      First Friday in April

Applications are available at the Office of Admissions & Records. Please fill out the petition completely.  Make sure we offer the major you are requesting.

Second Associate Degrees

Second associate degrees may be awarded when the following conditions have been met:

     A minimum of seventy-eight (78) units must be completed including eighteen (18) additional units beyond the minimum required for the first associate degree are required to earn a second associate degree.
     The major for the second degree must be in a different discipline from the major of the first degree.  All required courses for the major of the second associate degree must be completed and must be exclusive to the respective major and may not be used to meet requirements in other majors.
     The general education requirements in effect at the time of initiating the second degree must be completed.  Catalog rights will apply. 

Dual Majors

A student who completes the requirements for more than one major at the same time may apply for a dual major diploma.  At least 18 additional units must be earned for a second major.  All the required courses and units for each major must be completed and applied exclusively to the respective major and may not be used to meet requirements in other majors.  Both majors will be listed on the diploma and both majors will be noted on the studentís transcripts.



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