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Math Placement Test Preparation

Why Prepare?

  • The test is timed – you must remember immediately
  • No calculators  


  • Find out which test you should take.

Print out the assessment preparation below, and bring the completed package to make your appointment. Before you come to make the appointment please take the survey.


Getting up to speed

Online Practice

Getting up to speed is crucial!

You should use paper and pencil when doing the problems, so you can analyze your mistakes.


More information:


You will take one of three tests.

  • Algebra Readiness Test
  • Elementary Algebra Test
  • Intermediate Algebra Test

Before you come to the  Assessment Center in LR130, you MUST work on the Math Pre-test.pdf by going to Assessment Preparation . Depending on the number of correct answers (answers are provided at the bottom of the test), you will be able to determine which test to take when you come to the center. You will either take the Algebra Readiness, the Elementary Algebra or the Intermediate Algebra test.  The technicians will ask you what test you are taking at the appropriate time.



It is only natural to forget material that you don't need all the time. If you spend a few hours refreshing the math that you learned a while ago, you might save yourself a semester of being in the wrong class.

If you come unprepared for the placement test, you might overestimate what you remember. You could be placed in a class that is inappropriate or have to take another test before your correct starting class can be determined.

Preparation can avoid all these problems! Use the time between making your appointment and coming to the test to prepare!!!!

Ways to get ready for the Placement test

We have designed practice tests to help you prepare for your assessment test. We encourage you to do as many problems as possible since only

If you need help
Come to the Math Science Center (MSC) in S300. Free tutoring is available.

Find a book to review. The library should have some.

Ask a friend who remembers the material.

Online Practice

Each link below contains material that is covered in the corresponding assessment test. These can be answered online and you will know whether you answered correctly immediately. You should use paper and pencil when doing the problems, so you can analyze your mistakes.

Pencil and Paper Practice
The files below contain practice problems in a pdf file. Open the file and print it out. The answers are in a separate file.
Attention: Some versions of Adobe Reader may not print all the mathematical symbols. However the screen will show them correctly. The newest version will solve this problem. Download







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