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The Alternative Fuel Program

The Rio Hondo College Alternative Fuel Program is the leader in the area for delivering training that consists of the following:
• Plug-in Electric Vehicle Technology
• Hybrid Technology
• Fuel Cell Technology and Hydrogen Technology
• Compressed Natural Gas
• Liquid Natural Gas
• Liquid Petroleum Gas
• Light & Heavy Duty Vehicles

Alternative fuels and vehicles are here to stay and we better prepare to work on them. With the emphasis on reducing emissions and reducing our dependence on foreign oil supplies, we must develop new methods of powering our vehicles. Light/medium duty gaseous fueled vehicles are available from the manufacturers and the aftermarket industry now.

Gaseous Fuels are not new, but the fuel metering systems have become very sophisticated in order to meet California’s emissions requirements. Fuel metering systems include Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Hydrogen, Methanol and others. Alternative fuel vehicles are available at local dealer showrooms and require that technicians be well versed in the complex computerized systems on today’s automobiles. Technicians must understand the relationship between the networked gaseous fuels computer, and the computerized engine management system on the vehicle.

The economic outlook for technicians in this area is excellent. All major fleets and vehicle manufacturers are looking for technicians with knowledge in the legal and safe operation and maintenance. Technicians will diagnose and repair alternative fueled vehicles, using the latest in computer skills and electronic testing equipment. Pressurized storage cylinder and the demand for trained technicians is here!


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