Professor Warren Roberts MLA
Warren is a full time GIS faculty at Rio Hondo. Warren has degrees in Landscape Architecture / Landscape Planning with emphasis in GIS technology from the University of Oregon (MLA 98) and Cal Poly Pomona (BSLA 90). Warren has been teaching for several years at California State Polytechnic University, Department of Landscape Architecture, and in the CSUP GIS Certificate Program.

He also manages the GIS throughout the 5 Claremont Colleges on a variety of projects locally and other parts of the world.

He has over ten years of professional and academic experience in both CAD and GIS. GIS projects include storm water modeling, mapping Coastal Marinas and local watersheds and mapping contamination from Chernobyl with recommended land uses changes, and Campus GIS mapping. Current research and interests include modeling development impacts on watershed, and CAD/GIS integration applications in facilities management with ArcIMS (Internet GIS).

Warren teaches Introduction and Intermediate GIS and GPS. GIS training / custom workshops He also supports several city and county organizations & universities / colleges. He has certificates in GIS teaching in Crime Analysis Mapping and Incident (Fire) Command Mapping ( GIST).

Ramon Gallegos
Ramon Gallegos is a part time instructor newly inducted into the Rio Hondo GIS family. Ramon has a Masters in Geography from California State University Fullerton with an emphasis in Environmental Analysis and currently works full time in the private sector GIS field, where he has been for four years.

Ramon has worked on many GIS projects including point source investigations, mapping invasive species, mapping underground contamination, and has managed several agency wide sewer atlas projects. Between GIS classes take at CSUF and working in the GIS field, Ramon has over eight years of GIS experience.