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The Associate of Arts Degree in Dance is a comprehensive two-year program promoting both high artistic and technical standards. The degree fulfills the needs of students seeking professions in dance as performers, choreographers, and/or dance educators and provides training for careers and employment in the performing arts, education, choreography, movement therapy, studio and arts management, arts consultancy, dance criticism, fitness, and community dance programs. An integral part of the AA in Dance is to prepare students for matriculation into Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts program at a four-year college or university. See admission requirements of individual colleges and universities and transfer requirements for specific majors.

Major Advising Sheet:Dance 20-21

To acquire an Associate of Arts Degree in Dance, it is necessary to complete the graduation requirements of the College along with the following courses:

Required Courses
Dance Technique
DANC 114 Conditioning and Alignment for the Dancer 1
DANC 151 Modern Dance I 1
DANC 153 Ballet I 1
DANC 251 *Modern Dance II 1
DANC 253 *Ballet II 1
Dance Theory
DANC 159 Choreography I 3
DANC 179 Dance History 3
Choose 4 units from the following category:
Dance Performance
DANC 152 Dance Rehearsal 3
DANC 162 Dance Production 3
DANC 172 Dance Repertory 3
DANC 180 Performance 1
DANC 182 Dance Ensemble 3

Total Units: 15

Choose 4 units from the following categories:
(Dance Styles, Body Conditioning, Arts Related Fields, and/or Kinesiology and Exercise Science. No more than 3 units from any Single category)

Note: Only one experience in repeatable Dance classes can be used to meet degree requirements.
Dance Styles

Dance Styles
DANC 150 Introduction to World Dance 1
DANC 154 Jazz Dance I 1
DANC 157 Hip-Hop Dance 1
DANC 168 Latin Social Dance 1
DANC 254 *Jazz Dance II 1
Body Conditioning
KINA 136 Pilates I 1
KINA 139 Cross Training for Fitness 1
KINA 148 Strength Training 1
KINA 158 Yoga I 1
KINA 258 Yoga II 1
Arts Related Fields
DANC 199 Dance Appreciation 3
MUS 130 Music History and Literature before 1750 3
MUS 131 Music History and Literature after 1750 3
MUS 133 Music Appreciation 3
THTR 110 Principles of Acting 3
THTR 111 *Principles of Acting 3
THTR 150 Theatre Crafts I 3
THTR 151 *Theatre Crafts II 3
THTR 152 *Theatre Crafts III 3

Kinesiology and Exercise Science

KIN 122 Nutrition for Sport and Fitness 3
KIN 126 Principles of Strength and Conditioning 3
KIN 127 Exercise Physiology 3
KIN 128 Fitness Testing and Exercise Prescription 3
KIN 131 Structure and Analysis of Movement 3
KIN 145 Theory and Analysis of Fitness Instructions 2
KIN 146 Training Principles for Special Populations 2
THTR 150 Theatre Crafts I 3
THTR 151 *Theatre Crafts II 3

Units Required: 19