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The Community Health Worker Certificate of Achievement is designed to prepare students for employment as a health professional in the medical, education, and health and wellness career field. It is possible to complete this certificate in one calendar year. The curriculum has been designed to equip the student with the background, both theoretical and practical, to pursue a job promoting community health and education. Courses in nutrition, special populations, psychology/sociology, first aid, and lifelong physical activity will prepare the student for responsibilities in the field of health. The program will also expose students to other areas such as health education, healthcare services, gerontology, wellness promotion, pre-allied health, nutritional science, counseling/social advocacy services, public health, and medical fields.

Advising Sheet: Community Health Worker COA 20-21

To acquire the Certificate of Achievement in Community Health Worker, it is necessary to complete the following courses:

Required Courses
KIN 122 Nutrition for Sport and Fitness 3
KIN 146 Training Principles for Special Populations 2
KIN 193 Standard First Aid and CPR 3
KIN 197 Prevention and Treatment of Athletic Injuries 3
KIN 191 or
KIN 192 or
KIN 196
Health: Personal Issues or
Health: Women’s Personal Health or
Health: Fitness and Wellness
PSY 180 or
SOC 102
Positive Psychology or
Major Social Problems
CWEG 290 Cooperative Work Experience/General 1
Choose two courses from below:
KINA 120 Swim for Fitness 1
KINA 130 Lifelong Fitness Laboratory 1
KINA 132 Aqua Aerobics 1
KINA 136 Pilates Mat I 1
KINA 139 Cross Training for Fitness 1
KINA 140 Walking for Fitness 1
KINA 158 Yoga I 1

Units Required: 20