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The Dance Certificate Program provides students with a core curriculum in contemporary dance practice and theory and prepares them for careers in dance education and dance performance. It is possible to complete this certificate in one calendar year. The curriculum has been designed to equip the student with a solid foundation so that they may pursue a job in private studios, recreational centers, gyms, colleges, after-school programs, dance companies, television, film, and musical theater.

Courses cover a range of styles and subjects in dance, including ballet, modern, jazz, hip hop, Latin social dance, conditioning and alignment for dance, choreography, performance, dance history, and instructional theory and analysis. The intent of this program is to prepare students for dance auditions, internships, and immediate entry-level employment in the field of dance education and dance performance. All credits may be applied to the Associate in Arts degree in Dance.

Advising Sheet:Dance COA 20-21

To acquire the Certificate of Achievement in Dance, it is necessary to complete the following courses:

Required Courses
DANC 114 Conditioning and Alignment fo the Dancer 1
DANC 151 Modern Dance I 1
DANC 251 *Modern Dance II 1
DANC 153 Ballet I 1
DANC 253 *Ballet II 1
DANC 154 or
DANC 157 or
DANC 167
Jazz Dance I or
Hip Hop Dance or
Latin Dance for Fitness
DANC 159 Choreography I 3
DANC 179/H Dance History/*Honors 3
DANC 152 or
DANC 172 or
DANC 182
Dance Rehearsal and Performance or
Dance Repertory or
Dance Ensemble
DANC 180 Performance 1
KIN 145 Theory and Analysis of Fitness Instruction 2

Units Required: 18