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The Certificate of Achievement in Homeland Security is designed to prepare students to meet the needs of entry-level positions in the Homeland Security career fields. The curriculum will prepare students with a foundation of the Homeland Security Enterprise and provide them with the knowledge to enter varied career fields that plan for and respond to the security of people, places, and programs. The skills developed during class will enhance the student’s ability by completing industry-recognized third-party Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) certification courses as part of each class in the core program. The Homeland Security Degree program is designed for First Responders, government officials, emergency managers, as well as the citizen interested in personal and community safety and security.

To acquire the Certificate of Achievement in Homeland Security, it is necessary to complete the courses in the curriculum tab with a grade of “C” or better.

Advising Sheet: Homeland Security COA 20-21

Required Courses
HMLD 101 Introduction to Homeland Security 3
HMLD 102 Introduction to Emergency Management 3
HMLD 103 Terrorism & Violence in Society 3
HMLD 104 Emergency Planning & Response 3
HMLD 105 Mitigating Hazards in Emergency Management 3
Choose one course from the following:
AJ 101 Introduction to Administration of Justice 3
FTEC 101 Fire Protection Organization 3
WFT 101 Wildland Fire Behavior 3
GIS 281 Crime Mapping and Analysis 4

Units Required: 18-19