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The correctional program is designed to prepare students to enter the field of corrections as competent correctional  officers, counselors, probation or parole aides, or para-professional volunteers for any correctional agency. The student  may elect to transfer to a four-year college or seek entry level employment in a correctional agency.

The courses will provide an academic as well as a practical training program. This will train persons seeking to enter the  field of corrections and will increase the education of persons already employed in corrections and may also be  beneficial to update the skills and knowledge of professional workers in the field of corrections.

The Associate of Arts Degree requires 24 units and the Associate of Science Degree required 27 units in Corrections. This pattern of courses has been endorsed by the Joint Apprenticeship Committee of the California Department of Corrections, California Youth Authority and California Correctional peace Officers Association as a program which would be of benefit to apprentices.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)
  • Apply legal definitions, concepts, and principles to law enforcement, courts, or correctional settings.
  • Communicate information in a clear and organized manner.
  • Analyze ethical dilemmas encountered in the law enforcement and/or corrections fields and decide on the correct ethical choice.
  • Apply constitutional, statutory, procedural, and case law to real-life criminal justice situations.
  • Adapt to the diverse and multicultural nature of American society in the criminal justice setting.
  • Use the degree or certificate as a platform for a career in the criminal justice field or further study at a 4-year institution.

To acquire the Associate of Science Degree in Corrections, it is necessary to complete the graduation requirements of the college along with the following:

Major Advising Sheet Corrections 20-21

NOTE: Students interested in transferring should consult with a counselor for appropriate general education & major preparation counseling.