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Career & Technical Education

  • B.I.M and CADD Technology for Architecture
  • Civil Drawing and Pressure Piping
  • Parametric Modeling and CADD Technology for Mechanical Design

Degrees & Certificates (alphabetical)

Accounting (AS / COA)
Accounting for Government and Non-Profit Organizations (CC)
Administration of Justice (AS)
Administration of Justice for Transfer (AS-T)
Advanced Engine Performance (AS / COA)
Advanced Engine Performance Technician (COA)
Alternative Energy Technology (AS / COA)
Alternative Fuels/Advanced Transportation Technology (AS / COA)
Animation (AA)
Anthropology for Transfer (AA-T)
Architecture (AS)
Architectural Design & Drawing (AS)
Architectural Design & Drawing – Technician (COA)
Art (AA)
Art History for Transfer (AA-T)
Athletic Trainer’s Aide (CC)
Automotive Technology (AS / BS)
Basic Police Training (CC)
Biology (AS / AS-T)
Brake & Suspension Services (COA)
Business Administration (AA)
Business Administration for Transfer (AS-T)
Business Marketing (AS / COA)
California State University General Education (COA)
Certified Nurse Assistant Acute Care (CC)
Chemistry for Transfer (AS-T)
Chicano Studies (AA)
Child Development (AS / COA)
Civil Design -Technology (AS / COA)
Civil Design & Drawing (COA)
CIT – Computer Systems (AS / COA)
CIT – Microcomputer Specialist (AS / COA)
CIT – Network Administrator (AS / COA)
CIT – Systems Administrator (AS / COA)
Coaching of Sports (COA)
Communication Studies for Transfer (AA-T)
Corrections (AS)
Dance (AA)
Desktop Technician (CC)
Diesel Fuel & Emission Systems (COA)
Drug Studies (AS / COA)
Early Childhood Education for Transfer (AS-T)
Economics for Transfer (AA-T)
Electric Vehicle and Fuel Cell Technology Technician (AS / COA)
Electronics Technology (AS / COA)
Elementary Teacher Ed. For Transfer (AA-T)
Emergency Medical Technician – EMT (COSP)
Entertainment Art: Digital Characters (COA)
Entertainment Art: Digital Environments (COA)
Engine Repair (COA)
Engineering (AS)
Engineering Design & Drafting (AS)
Engineering Design & Drafting Technician (COA)
English for Transfer (AA-T)
English & Literature (AA)
Entry Network Technician (CC)
Environmental Science (AS)
Environmental Technology (AS / COA)
Field Technician (COA)
Fire Technology (AS / COA)
Fitness Specialist (COA)
Fuel Injection Systems (COA)
Game Development (COSP)
General Automotive Service (COA)
General Service Technician (COA)
General Studies: Arts & Human Expression (AA)
General Studies: Science & Math (AA)
General Studies: Social Behavior & Self-Development (AA)
General Studies: Social Sciences (AA)
Geographic Information Systems (COA)
Graphic Design (AS)
Graphic Design: Advertising Design (COA)
Graphic Design: Branding Identity & Design (COA)
Graphic Design: Publication Design (COA)
Graphic Design: Website Design (COA)
Health and Safety (COA)
Heavy Equipment Technology (AS)
Heavy Equipment Diesel Engines Technician (COA)
Heavy Equipment Electronics Technician (COA)
Heavy Equipment General Service Technician (COA)
Heavy Equipment Hydraulics Technician (COA)
Heavy Equipment Powertrains Technician (COA)
Heavy Equipment Service Technician Specialist (COA)
History for Transfer (AA-T)
Home Health Aide (CC)
Honda Professional Career Training Prog. Specialization (AS)
Honda/Acura Air Conditioning and Supplemental Restraint Systems (COA)
Honda/Acura Brakes, Suspension, and Electronic Systems (COA)
Honda/Acura Engine Repair and Chassis Electrical Systems (COA)
Honda/Acura Power Train and Transmission Systems (COA)
Human Services (COSP)
Income Tax Preparer (COSP)
International Business (AS / COA)
Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (COA)
Journalism for Transfer (AA-T)
Kinesiology for Transfer (AA-T)
LADBS Structural Steel Certification Program (COA)
Logistics Management (AS / COA)
Management and Supervision (AS / COA)
Mass Comm: Mass Media Specialization (AS / COA)
Mass Comm: Print Media Specialization (AS / COA)
Mathematics for Transfer (AS-T)
Music (AA)
Network Technician (CC)
Nurse Assistant Pre-Certification Training Course (CC)
Nursing ADN (RN) (AS)
Nursing (LVN to ADN) (AS)
Nursing (LVN to RN)
Nursing (Psy Tech to RN) (AS)
Nursing (Vocational Nursing) (AS / COA)
PC Repair Technician (CC)
Philosophy for Transfer (AA-T)
Photography (AS)
Physics for Transfer (AS-T)
Political Science for Transfer (AA-T)
Preschool Teacher (COA)
Psychology for Transfer (AA-T)
Retail Management (COA)
Safety, Comfort and Convenience Systems (COA)
Small Business Management (AS / COA)
Social Justice Studies for Transfer (AA-T)
Social Work (AA)
Sociology for Transfer (AA-T)
Spanish for Transfer (AA-T)
Sports Medicine (AS)
Studio Arts for Transfer (AA-T)
Surveying, Mapping & Drawing (COA)
Theatre Arts (AS)
Theatre Arts for Transfer (AA-T)
Transmission Service (COA)
Waste Management (COA)
Water Management (COA)
Welding Technology (AS)
Wildland Fire Technology (AS / COA)
Legend: Certificate of Achievement (COA), Career Certificate (CC), Certificate of Skill Proficiency (COSP), Associate of Arts for Transfer (AA-T), Associate of Science for Transfer (AS-T)

*Degree/Certificate information will be posted soon.