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Diesel Fuel & Emission Systems-Certificate


Certificate of Achievement certificate of Achievement

This Certificate is designed for the experienced Automotive technician who desires to expand and upgrade his/her skill level to include Light Duty Vehicle Diesel Fuel Systems and related Driveability and Emission Control Systems within the Automotive Tune-up and Driveabiity, Electrical and Electronics, and Automotive Emission Control Systems Service and Repair spectrum. This Certificate is also appropriate for emission control (smog) technicians desiring to take and pass the ASE A9 Light Vehicle Diesel Engines Certification exam covering advanced auto/truck diesel technology. This Certificate leads to employment as a General Diesel Auto Repair Technician, Diesel Tune-up Technician and/or State Certified Smog Technician.

To acquire a Certificate of Achievement in Diesel Fuel and Emission Systems, it is necessary to complete the following courses with a “C” or better:

Advising Sheet: Diesel Fuel and Emission Systems COA 20-21