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Certificate of ACHIEVEMENT

The Fitness Specialist Certificate Program is designed to prepare students for employment as fitness instructors and a career in the rapidly expanding health and fitness industry. Students will gain academic knowledge and fitness skills through the required course work, as well as develop the skills necessary to apply this knowledge in a vocational setting. The certificate is designed to be completed in one calendar year for students who attend full time and may lead to immediate employment opportunities. The curriculum has been designed to equip the student with the scientific background, both theoretical and practical, to successfully customize fitness programs that include education and guidance on nutrition, weight control, flexibility, core strength, cardiovascular exercise and resistance training. Students will also be prepared to pass national certification exams in health, fitness, strength and conditioning. The program will prepare students for transfer to a university in order to pursue a higher degree in various areas of study.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)
  • Analyze individual health and fitness levels and create individual exercise programs.
  • Apply and demonstrate exercise testing skills and techniques to real world situations, such as individual client fitness assessments.
  • Adapt to diverse populations and fitness levels and have an awareness of special needs individuals.
  • The student will be able to: Apply fitness concepts, definitions and principles to personal training, group fitness instructions, or health and fitness settings.
  • Upon completion of the certificate, have a career in the personal training or fitness instructor field. (Assessment: Student gets a job in a related career, or transfer to a 4-year institution within 3 years).

A Certificate of Achievement in Fitness Specialist will be awarded upon completion of all required courses with a grade of ā€œCā€ or better.

Advising Sheet: Fitness Specialist COA 20-21