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Geographic Information Systems-Certificate


Certificate of Achievement

Division of Career & Technical Education

This Certificate of Achievement in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) targets students interested in becoming a GIS Technician. A GIS technician utilizes standard GIS tools and utilities to enter and correct data in GIS databases such as locating addresses, georeferencing scanned maps, digitizing
and collecting and processing data from the field. Most duties assigned to GIS Technicians are routine with a heavy amount of database entry and management with eventual
generation of maps from data. A GIS Technician performs no data interpretation after data has been stored unless under the guidance of the analyst. Many students enrolled in GIS at Rio Hondo College have degrees in a variety of disciplines. After completing the GIS courses, these students could be labeled as the GIS Analyst within their area of discipline (Crime Analyst, Environmental Planner, etc.)

Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)
  • Student can describe and discuss the applications of geographic information systems (GIS) in their respective field. Student can use GIS to analyze and uncover spatial patterns and trends, to model environmental conditions and to predict future scenarios such as post fire conditions or to model suitable locations for a new housing or wind farm development.
  • Student can evaluate relevance of information for GIS project, and contribute new data from variety of sources including Global Positioning Systems (GPS).
  • Student can cartographically examine and assemble information for a target audience.

To acquire the Geographic Information Systems Certificate of Achievement, you must complete the following courses:

Advising Sheet:Geographic Information Systems COA 20-21