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Nursing (LVN to ADN)


LVN to ADN (option #1)

The Associate Degree Nursing Program may be completed by the Licensed Vocational Nurse in one year. It is designed to prepare students for employment as a Registered Nurse, providing direct care to patients. Graduates receive an Associate of Science Degree in Nursing. The California State Board of Registered Nursing has approved the program. Students who complete the curriculum are qualified to take the examination leading to licensure as a Registered Nurse.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)
  • Graduates will incorporate the medical model utilizing all aspects of the nursing process with successful completion of all theory objectives and clinical objectives in all courses of the vocational nursing program
  • Graduates will be prepared and have successful pass rate on national vocational nursing exam.
  • Graduates will complete all general education (GE) requirements for AS degree, in vocational nursing.
  • The student will integrate the simulated clinical experience to enhance clinical performance in all clinical area

Major Advising Sheet: Nursing – LVN to ADN (Option 1) 20-21

*The Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) requires these courses be completed to be eligible to take the RN licensing
examination. All of these courses must be completed with a grade of ā€œCā€ or better