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CAREER Certificate Certificate

(Open to all students)
Several programs at Rio Hondo College are certified by the Commission of Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST). There are certain minimum physical requirements for peace officers as well as requirements of good moral character. Students may obtain more specific information about these requirements from the Administration of Justice staff.

At the Administration of Justice Regional Training Center, a modern and complete law enforcement training facility is maintained. The center is equipped to train in the use of firearms, obstacle course for physical training, and weight training apparatus and driver training exercises. The facility is equipped to train in others areas related to the field of law enforcement, security and corrections. If you are interested in attending the Rio Hondo Police Academy there are information meetings being held on a monthly basis. Please call at (562) 463-7756.

Students who have previously earned a Basic POST Certificate or who are transferring to Rio Hondo College from another college as Administration of Justice majors must meet the college transfer requirements and complete at least six units of Administration of Justice courses at Rio Hondo College in addition to regular required courses to be eligible for graduation.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)
  • Apply the definitions, concepts, statutes, and constitutional principles covered in the POST Learning Domains to law enforcement work.
  • Given scripted scenarios, demonstrate proficiency in handling situations involving a variety of law enforcement related incidents.
  • Analyze ethical dilemmas encountered in law enforcement and decide on the correct ethical choice.
  • Demonstrate self-defense skills in a safe and proficient manner.
  • Demonstrate firearms skills in a safe and proficient manner.
  • Demonstrate emergency vehicle operations in a safe and proficient manner.
  • Prepare an accurate and complete arrest report that meets the requirements of law enforcement agencies.
  • Use the certificate as a platform for a career as a peace officer.

Advising Sheet:Basic Police Training CC 20-21