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Certificate of achievement

The Retail Management Certificate Program is a comprehensive program designed to prepare students for the fast paced challenges that exist in the competitive retail industry. This broad program is also intended to help students develop a clear sense of the scope of the retail manager’s job and an understanding of the basic requirements for success in the future.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)
  • Students will explain the challenges and opportunities of managing a diverse workforce in a retail environment through their understanding of leadership and management models, motivation and reward theory, and conflict resolution techniques.
  • Students will demonstrate their knowledge of financial management and budgeting by applying basic math skills to calculate retail math equations, to make business decisions using these calculations, and to prepare pro-forma financial statements.
  • Students will demonstrate proper communication and critical thinking skills through written and oral assignments. Skill sets demonstrated will include document editing, preparation of business reports, and proper use of the communication process.

To acquire the Certificate of Achievement in Retail Management, it is necessary to complete the following courses:

Advising Sheet: Retail Management COA 20-21