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The Vocational Nursing Program is a two-semester program following the completion of prerequisite courses. It is designed to prepare students for employment as staff nurses, giving care to patients in a variety of settings, such as extended care facilities, home health care, surgical centers, and medical offices. The program is approved by the California State Board of vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians. Students who complete the curriculum and achieve the certificate of completion, are qualified to take the examination leading to licensure as a Licensed Vocational Nurse.

A 2.5 or better grade point average in all college work attempted is required for completion of the program and qualification to take the exam leading to licensure as a Licensed Vocational Nurse.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)
  • The student will integrate the simulated clinical experience to enhance clinical performance in all clinical areas
  • Graduates will be prepared and have successful pass rate on national vocational nursing exam.
  • Graduates will incorporate the medical model utilizing all aspects of the nursing process with successful completion of all theory objectives and clinical objectives in all courses of the vocational nursing program.

Advising Sheet Vocational Nursing Certificate of Achievement 18-19

*This program is available as a Certificate of Achievement and Associate of Science Degree.