Teacher Assistantship-Mentorship Program (TeAM) – For Mentors

Participants: Rio Hondo College Faculty

What is Mentoring? 
“Mentoring is the pairing of an individual (mentor) who has expert knowledge or skill with someone (mentee) desiring to gain that knowledge or skill in order to further develop professional expertise.”
— Michael Zey, The Mentor Connection

CONGRATULATIONS!  You are about to embark on a rewarding and fulfilling experience. As a faculty mentor you will have the responsibility of guiding a student who will act as your teacher assistant (mentee).

Your commitment to work as a mentor carries a significant amount of responsibility as you will have a great influence on the life and development of the student(s) whom you will be mentoring.  In agreeing to work with the student (mentee), you recognize that you will be held at the highest ethical standards at all times and is expected to act in a manner that is appropriate of a mentor/mentee relationship.


The selection of a mentor is based on a good teaching history and achievement and the willingness to accept the role of a mentor teacher. The role of a mentor is to teach the candidate what he/she knows about how to teach, help develop the mentee’s skills in a supportive, mentored environment, and provide opportunities for the mentee to reflect on the many aspects of the teaching and learning process.

The mentor must be a full-time or part-time faculty who currently has a teaching assignment closely related to the field that his/her mentee is pursuing.

For a complete overview of the role of a mentor, please review the Mentor Guidelines and Code of Conduct.


Submit a TeAM Mentor Application.

Please fill out the TeAM Mentor Application .
You also have an option to e-mail/mail or hand-deliver your application to the address below:

Rio Hondo College
Career and Technical Education Division
T123,  Applied Technology Building
3600 Workman Mill Road
Whittier, CA 90601

Complete Mentor/Mentee Forms are available here for download/printing, simply click on the links below:

Name of Form To Be Completed By Submission Date
Application Form
(submit with a one-page essay on “Why I Want To Be A CTE-Teacher”)
Mentee Prior to the start of TeAM program
Mentor Application Mentor Prior to the start of TeAM program
Needs Assessment Form Mentee with help from Mentor After the 1st Introductory Meeting w/ Mentor
Monthly Time Sheets Mentee End of the TeAM program
Mentee Evaluation of Mentoring Experience Mentee End of the TeAM program
Program Evaluation Mentee End of the TeAM program
Mentee Status Report Mentor End of the TeAM program


Attend the STEM-CTE TEACH Info/Orientation Sessions.  Info/Orientation sessions are held at the beginning of the semester. Call the STEM-CTE TEACH office for the next orientation event at 562-463-3152.


Once your assigned mentee receives an e-mail confirmation of his/her acceptance to the TeAM program, he/she will contact you as soon as possible to arrange your first meeting. On your initial meeting, you and your mentee will:

  • complete the Needs Assessment form;
  • agree on the days (schedule) you will be meeting;
  • exchange contact information.


You and your mentee are required to complete 30 mentoring hours. Please keep track of your mentee’s work hours to verify his/her time sheet at the end of the semester.