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Position Profile

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Minimum Qualifications – Education and Experience

  • An earned master’s degree from a regionally accredited institution;
  • At least three years of senior executive/administrative experience in progressively more responsible positions with a strong demonstrated record of achievement; and
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively work with people of diverse racial, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and socioeconomic backgrounds to achieve desired outcomes.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Superintendent/President experience preferred or senior administrative leadership experience in a higher education institution;
  • An earned doctorate degree from a regionally accredited institution;
  • Teaching, academic services, administrative services, and/or student services experience in a higher education institution;
  • Experience working with a board of trustees or related experience.

Skills and Abilities

  • Demonstrated experience or ability to work effectively with a board;
  • Guided by a clear understanding and deep commitment to the mission of the California Community Colleges System;
  • Values the needs and success of students and the communities from which they come;
  • Committed to collegial consultation/participatory governance with the Academic Senate, Collective Bargaining units, Associated Students, and Management Team, and the ability to build consensus with a collaborative decision-making leadership style that seeks to inspire and empower others with evidence of accountability for decisions.
  • Lead with attention to continuous improvement of institutional effectiveness that is grounded in: student success, clear vision, effective planning, data driven decisions, budget prioritization and on-going assessment of student learning and outcomes.
  • Strategic thinker and transformational leader; who is an effective change agent; is a creative and results-oriented visionary leader who responds to situations in a timely manner; with student success and equity at the center of decision-making.
  • Establishes effective organizational structures that attracts qualified individuals to leadership positions and supports them in their work; ability to promote a supportive and nurturing environment that facilitates the work; creates a culture of support to build the capacity of mentorship to guide the work of individuals.
  • A skillful communicator in all forms and settings; speaks effectively and listens carefully; takes multiple perspectives into consideration; communicates decisions clearly, broadly and persuasively.
  • Demonstrated business acumen in planning, budgeting, assessing progress and managing change; effectively managed internal and external resources (fiscal, physical, and human) particularly in a challenging fiscal climate, while maintaining the integrity of the District’s programs and academic rigor; experienced with successfully managing the passage of a bond and implementing bond projects; understands the increasing role of technology in support of the learning environment and support services.
  • Experienced with legal and regulatory environments, including collective bargaining and institutional accreditation; has relevant experience related to achieving successful student outcomes associated with these environments.
  • Knowledge of and relevant experience with key educational initiatives and priorities in California with full understanding of Guided Pathways, Basic Skills Reform, AB705 (Multiple Measures), AB19 (California Promise).
  • Demonstrated successful experience in cultivating and maintaining external relationships, such as advocacy for and community support of the College/District; external resource development through pursuit of grant funding; and functional partnerships with the community;
  • Experienced in facilities master planning and general obligation bond programs;
  • Evidence of effective leadership in establishing a positive institutional presence and image in the community; promoting a college education as a vehicle of transformation to build and form strong partnerships with business, public schools, colleges and universities, and community groups;
  • Has a proven record of interacting effectively with a diversity of cultures, personalities, interests and perspectives to provide effective educational services and programs that address the social, linguistic, and diverse needs of students, employees, and the communities the District serves.

Personal Qualities

  • Possesses cultural competence and embraces equity in a true and unshakable belief in the values of diversity of all, both for the principles of fairness and for the resulting improvement to the District and the vulnerable communities it serves; views diversity in all its forms as a campus value; focuses on meeting needs of underserved student and community populations;
  • Inspires trust and confidence in one’s leadership; displays a strong work ethic, a deep commitment to the District/College and community; employs effective time management and up-to-date management tools and practices; exhibits a natural, friendly and open relationship with people, leading to accessibility, transparency, and trust;
  • Exhibits personal/professional ethics and integrity in all behavior and relationships; has a strong sense of fairness and equity to all decision-making; is transparent as a decision-maker; expects accountability of oneself and from others;
  • Has high respect for the work of faculty, staff and administration and the value that each brings to the effectiveness and improvement of the institution and the success of students; invests in the future of human resources by supporting multiple avenues for professional development;
  • Familiar with the collective bargaining environment and the need to work effectively with employee groups; has relevant experience related to achieving successful negotiation outcomes. Possesses an authentic love and respect for students, accompanied by the desire to be a visible presence on the campus and supporter of student-centered programs; values the perspective of students in pursuing institutional effectiveness and change;
  • Gauges political situations effectively and possesses the emotional intelligence to relate effectively with individuals from all constituent groups; is a good judge of people, their motivations and behavior;
  • Has the courage and perseverance to address challenges and confrontations; is deliberate in the assessment of conflicting perspectives; can bring divergent perspectives together to achieve consensus and successful resolution of conflict; is able to make a difficult decision in a timely manner;
  • Has a genuine long-term commitment to the College/District.

Duties and Responsibilities

The position will:

  • Plan, organize, control and direct the overall administration of the District/College; assure the College is administered in accordance with the policies adopted by the Board of Trustees and in accordance with the College mission of supporting and promoting student learning;
  • Inform the Board of Trustees of operations and state of the College on an ongoing basis;
  • Study and recommend items to the Board of Trustees for policy consideration; review and approve Board agenda items prior to publication;
  • Provide leadership and direction in the instructional and support programs;
  • Foster strong relationships with local K-12 feeder districts and baccalaureate-granting institutions to develop articulation, curriculum and alignment to support students in continuing their education and provide opportunities for Rio Hondo College students to pursue their career goals;
  • Oversee and participate in the overall planning and development of the College, in doing also, provide for a strategic plan to properly position the College for the future;
  • Plan, develop, organize and administer instructional offerings, curriculum, co-curricular activities; student services including, but not limited to, counseling, financial aid, student governance, student activities, job placement, DSP&S, EOPS, and Enrollment Management;
  • Plan, develop and direct the maintenance of a continuous community relations program, in accordance with established policies; develop and maintain communication networks with all college/program personnel regarding all aspects of the operations of the College;
  • Represent the District to/with the community, business and governmental agencies; explain various aspects of the College to the community, and assure that College staff are informed of the educational needs of the community; effectively cultivate and maintain a positive institutional presence in the community and is successful in pursuing relationships and partnerships with governmental agencies, businesses, industries and community-based organizations to meet emerging and future needs of the community;
  • Supervise, coordinate and evaluate general activities of executive staff or other administrative personnel; assign, supervise and evaluate personnel allocated to the college/program; evaluate staff performance and review evaluations; analyze staff utilization needs; ensure that equal education/employment opportunity is available to all students and employees;
  • Consult with appropriate members of the College staff and recommend to the Governing Board personnel for employment;
  • Submit the College budget recommendations to the Board assure institutional fiscal responsibility;
  • Provide leadership in research and evaluation, and stimulate improvement of the College program;
  • Participate in local, State and national organizations related to community college education; recommend positions on legislative and legal issues;
  • Provide leadership in maintaining accreditation with appropriate agencies and associations;
  • Direct and implement rules for campus safety, health, discipline, and conduct.