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Rio Hondo College Employees

Note: Email addresses need to have “@riohondo.edu” added to them.

Abdelmagead Elbiali Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 aelbiali
Abraham RomeroHernandez Part Time Instructor 562-908-3472 aromerohernandez
Abril Trasvina Part Time Counselor 562-908-3467 atrasvina
Ada Brown FT Instructor 562-463-7681 abrown
Adam Gonzales Part Time Instructor 562-463-3101 amgonzales
Adam Wetsman FT Instructor 562-463-7463 awetsman
Adele Enright FT Librarian 562-463-3377 aenright
Adriana Ramirez Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 aramirez
Adriana Silva Children's Center Aide-Part ti 562-908-3494 ASilva
Aimee Mindes FT Instructor 562-463-7519 amindes
Alan Baker Hourly Lab - AJ 562-941-4082 abaker
Alan Chhith Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 achhith
Alan Cutler Senior Systems Programmer/Anal 562-463-3495 ACutler
Alana Bachor Part Time Counselor 562-908-3467 abachor
Albert Ocon Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 aocon
Alexander Bogdanov Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 abogdanov
Alexander Gardos FT Instructor 562-463-7679 agardos
Alexander Varga Physician 562-908-3438 Avarga
Alexandre Hatlestad-Shey Part Time Instructor 562-908-3429 ashey
Alexia Sokol Part Time Instructor 562-463-7359 asokol
Alfred Forrest Coord., Student Health Service 562-908-3438 aforrest
Alice Florez Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 aflorez
Allen Leung FT Instructor 562-463-7518 aleung
Alonso Garcia FT Instructor 562-463-3112 algarcia
Alva Balthazar Part Time Instructor 562-908-3429 abalthazar
Alyson Cartagena FT Instructor 562-463-7405 acartagena
Amanda Konya Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 akonya
Amber Hao Summer Hourly Lect. Ind. Train 562-463-4606 ahao
Amberly Durfield Part Time Instructor 562-908-3429 adurfield
Amelia Ortiz FT Instructor 562-908-3421 aortiz
Anamaria Gonzalez International Student Speciali 562-463-7643 agonzalez
Andrea Rivera Ringo Sp. Ed. Aide-Phys. Disabled 562-463-7655 ARiveraRingo
Andrew Alvarez Hourly Lecture - AJ 562-463-7748 AAlvarez
Andrew Beliakoff Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 abeliakoff
Andrew Feinour Part Time Instructor 562-463-7359 afeinour
Andrew Fogleman Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 afogleman
Andrew Grzywa Part Time Instructor 562-941-4082 agrzywa
Andrew Levy Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 aelevy
Angela Cheung FT Instructor 562-908-3421 ACheung
Angela Langer-Jankovich Part Time Librarian 562-908-3416 ajankovich
Angela Rhodes FT Instructor 562-463-3124 arhodes
Angela de Dios Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 adios
Angelica Martinez Part Time Instructor 562-463-7314 AMartinez
Angelica Ortega Admissions and Records Assista 562-463-7639 aortega
Angie Saldivar Part Time Instructor 562-908-3460 asaldivar
Angie Tomasich Administrative Assistant 562-463-7272 Angie.Tomasich
Anika Jackson Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 ajackson
Anil Muhammed Part Time Instructor 562-463-7359 amuhammed
Anita Finner Summer Hourly Lecture - AJ 562-463-7756 afinner
Ann Gresham Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 agresham
Ann Mansolino FT Instructor 562-463-7682 Ann.Mansolino
Anna Grygoruk Part Time Instructor 562-908-3472 agrygoruk
Anneliese Euler Part Time Instructor 562-463-3471 AEuler
Anthony Hillbruner Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 ahillbruner
Anthony Mak Part Time Instructor 562-463-7359 amak
Antoinette Fierro Lecturer (Certificated) 562-463-4606 afierro
Antonio Martin Hourly Lecture - AJ 562-463-7748 antonio.martin
Araceli Hurtado Clerk Typist III 562-463-7576 AHurtado
Aracely Tamayo Clerk Typist II 562-463-7226 atamayo
Arely Castaneda Senior Financial Aid Asst. 562-463-3370 ARodarte
Ariel Alexander Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 aalexander
Arline Sheckells Clerk Typist III 562-908-3494 ASheckells
Armando Ayala FT Instructor 562-463-7401 aayala
Armando Flores Part Time Instructor 562-463-7391 ARFlores
Arnold Cota Warehouse Storekeeper-Part Tim 562-463-7214 ACota
Arya Afshari Part Time Instructor 562-908-3472 aafshari
Asher Davison Model (Undraped) 562-463-7681 adavison
Ashley French Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 afrench
Ashley Ward Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 AFuller-Ward
Asma Said Part Time Instructor 562-908-3472 asaid
Audrey Boyce Instructional Division Secreta 562-463-4662 ABoyce
Audrey Chen Part Time Instructor 562-908-3472 achen
Austin Tingley Part Time Instructor 562-463-7359 atingley
Awndrea Lassiter Part Time Instructor 562-908-3429 alassiter
Ayari Villegas-Gomez Clerk Typist III 562-463-7226 avillegas-gomez
Barbara Andersen Part Time Counselor 562-908-3460 jandersen
Barbara Booth Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 bbooth
Barbara Leach Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 bleach
Barbara Mikalson FT Instructor 562-463-7448 bmikalson
Barbara Salazar Asst. Dean Stud Success Retent 562-463-3132 bsalazar
Barry Dineen Part Time Instructor 562-463-7756 bdineen
Belen Torres Gil Career Counselor 562-463-7615 btorresgil
Bernard Musselman Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 bmusselman
Bertie Montierth Hourly Lab - AJ 562-463-7756 bmontierth
Beth Brousseau Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 bbrousseau
Betty Moreno Custodian-Hourly 562-908-3441 bmoreno
Bettye Myers Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 bmyers
Beverly Reilly FT Instructor 562-463-3130 breilly
Bianca Urquidi FT Instructor 562-463-7439 burquidi
Blair Maffris Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 bmaffris
Blanca De Los Santos FT Instructor 562-463-3111 bdelossantos
Blanca Reyez Children's Center Aide-Part ti 562-908-3494 BReyez
Brandon Alcocer Part Time Instructor 562-908-3409 balcocer
Brandon Jones Part Time Instructor 562-908-3472 bjones
Brenda Fernandez Lango Part Time Instructor 562-908-3472 bflango
Brent Kooiman Part Time Instructor 562-908-3460 bkooiman
Brian Adams Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 badams
Brian Brutlag FT Instructor 562-463-7332 Brian.Brutlag
Brian Herbst Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 bherbst
Brian Leyn Summer Hourly Lecture - AJ 562-463-7756 bleyn
Bruce Laracuente Part Time Instructor 562-463-7359 blaracuente
Bruce Nelson Part Time Instructor 562-463-7421 bnelson
Bruce Noble Project/Grant Manager 562-463-3151 Bruce.Noble
Caesar Hernandez Supervision - other 562-463-7382 CHernandez
Cameron English FT Instructor 562-463-7540 cenglish
Camilo Gregorio Custodian 562-908-3441 cgregorio
Candy Lam Library/Media Clerk-Part Time 562-908-3416 CLam
Caprice Gonzales Senior P.E. & Athletic Equipme 562-908-3443 cgonzales
Carissa Bateman Clerk Typist III-Part Time 562-463-7311 cbateman
Carl Anderson FT Instructor 562-908-3460 canderson
Carl Walls Part Time Instructor 562-463-7382 cwalls
Carley Mitchell FT Instructor 562-463-7745 cmitchell
Carlos Tejeda Summer Hourly Lecture - AJ 562-463-7756 ctejeda
Carmina Quirarte Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 cquirarte
Carol McDowell Part Time Instructor 562-463-7419 cmcdowell
Carol Rice Account Clerk III 562-463-7085 CRice
Carol Sigala FT Instructor 562-463-7458 csigala
Caroline Maxwell Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 cmaxwell
Carolyn Comini Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 ccomini
Carolyn Gonzales Instructional Division Secreta 562-463-3227 GonzalesC
Carolyn Oldham Part Time Instructor 562-908-3484 coldham
Carolyn Robertson Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 crobertson
Carolyn Schoff Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 cschoff
Casey Lukenbill Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 clukenbill
Catherine Barrios Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 cbarrios
Catherine Page FT Instructor 562-463-3237 cpage
Cecilia Medina Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 cmedina
Charles Fogel Part Time Instructor 562-908-3472 cfogel
Chiasheng Hsu Part Time Instructor 562-463-7359 chsu
Chimin Lin Part Time Instructor 562-908-3429 clin
Chris Acuna-Hansen FT Instructor 562-463-7674 chansen
Christina Riboni Evaluations Technician 562-463-7634 Criboni
Christina Sandoval Part Time Counselor 562-908-3467 csandoval
Christine Sutow Part Time Instructor 562-463-7461 csutow
Christopher Andrews Part Time Instructor 562-908-3429 candrews
Christopher Guptill Dean, Arts & Cultural Programs 562-908-3471 cguptill
Christopher Soto Instructional Assistant - Comm 562-463-3105 CSoto
Cindy Rehm Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 crehm
Cindy Sanchez Clerk Typist III 562-908-3405 csanchez
Citlali Riddell Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 criddell
Claire Caplis Senior Secretary 562-908-3420 CCaplis
Claudia Quilizapa Part Time Counselor 562-908-3467 cquilizapa
Claudia Ramirez Part Time Instructor 562-908-3472 cramirez
Claudia Rivas Part Time Librarian 562-908-3416 crivas
Claudia Romo Part Time Counselor 562-463-3213 Claudia.Romo
Clayton Holt Hourly Lecture - AJ 562-941-4082 cholt
Colin Young FT Instructor 562-463-7339 cyoung
Connie Austin Dean, Health Sciences 562-908-3421 CAustin
Corianne Rogalsky Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 crogalsky
Corinne Johnston Admissions and Records Assista 562-463-7630 cjohnston
Cory Silverman Hourly Lecture - AJ 562-463-7756 csilverman
Craig Mittry Part Time Instructor 562-463-7748 cmittry
Craig Nollner Hourly Lecture - AJ 562-463-7756 CNollner
Cristina Cota Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 tcota
Crystal Alvarez Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 calvarez
Crystal Maes Graphic Artist 562-463-3144 CMaes
Cynthia Lewis FT Instructor 562-463-7675 clewis
Cynthia Morales Clerk Typist III 562-463-4693 cmorales
Cynthia Pallini Educational Advisor SSS 562-463-3215 CPallini
Dafna Brook Part Time Instructor 562-908-3467 dbrook
Dale Falicon Part Time Instructor 562-463-7756 dfalicon
Dale Harvey Part Time Instructor 562-463-7679 dharvey
Dalma Granillo-Torres Admissions and Records 562-463-7642 dgranillotorres
Dana Arazi Part Time Instructor 562-908-3429 darazi
Dana Vazquez FT Instructor 562-463-3138 dvazquez
Daniel Coffman FT Instructor 562-463-7722 dcoffman
Daniel Gomez Hourly Lecture - AJ 562-463-7748 DGomez
Daniel Osman FT Instructor 562-463-3124 dosman
Daniel Roddick Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 droddick
Danna Dye Part Time Instructor 562-908-3409 ddye
Darling Lopez Clerk Typist II 562-463-3366 DLopez
Darryl Henry Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 dhenry
David Balch FT Instructor 562-463-7717 dbalch
David Brougham Part Time Instructor 562-463-7756 dbrougham
David Cowper Part Time Instructor 562-908-3429 dcowper
David Ehoff Summer Hourly Lecture - AJ 562-463-7756 dehoff
David Hall Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 dhall
David Johnson Computer Oper. Tech. 562-908-3419 DJohnson
David Kelly Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 dkelly
David Lindy FT Instructor 562)-463-7375 dlindy
David Perez Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 DMPerez
David Vasquez Part Time Instructor 562-463-7382 DVasquez
Dawn Smith Child Dev. Teacher/Classified 562-908-3494 DSmith
Deane Swick Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 dswick
Debbie Vallo Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 dvallo
Deborah Stewart Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 dstewart
Debra Kaiser Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 dkaiser
Debra Konstantakos Hourly Lecture - AJ 562-463-7721 dkonstantakos
Debra Vance Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 dvance
Debra Ward Part Time Instructor 562-908- dward
Dedre Robinson Lecturer (Certificated) 562-463-4606 drobinson
Delbia Orozco Instructional Division Secreta 562-463-7756 dorozco
Denise Lane Senior Food Services Worker 562-908-3494 DLane
Denna Sanchez FT Psychologist 562-908-3438 dsanchez
Desiree Jones Part Time Counselor 562-908-3467 djones
Dewayne Highfill Part Time Instructor 562-463-7566 dhighfill
Dezzie Prewitt Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 dprewitt
Diana Clarke Part Time Instructor 562-463-7359 dclarke
Diana Gutierrez Senior Instructional Assistant 562-463-3758 DGutierrez
Diana Sherwood Part Time Instructor 562-463-7433 dsherwood
Dianna Reyes EOPS Counselor 562-463-7295 dreyes
Dianne Holcomb Counselor/Transfer Center Coor 562-463-7361 dholcomb
Dina Moreno Clerk Typist II-Part Time 562-463-3756 DNavarro
Dina Szklarek Part Time Instructor 562-908-3429 dszklarek
Dolores Aguirre Human Resources Tech. 562-463-5154 DAguirre
Domingo Rodriguez Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 drodriguez
Don Paxton Part Time Instructor 562-463-7359 dpaxton
Donald Mason Assoc. Dean, Acd Affairs (AJ) 562-463-7741 dmason
Donald Matthews Hourly Lecture - AJ 562-463-7721 dmatthews
Dorali Pichardo-Diaz FT Counselor 562-463-7582 dpichardo
Doreen O'Connor Part Time Instructor 562-908-3429 doconnor
Douglas McElroy Part Time Instructor 562-908-3472 dmcelroy
Dung Vo Custodian-Part Time 562-908-3441 dvo
Dustin Black Part Time Instructor 626-290-0673 dblack
Ea Madrigal Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 emadrigal
Earl Bailey Hourly Supervision - AJ 562-463-7721 ebailey
Edgar Medinilla Part Time Instructor 562-908-3409 emedinilla
Eduardo Rodriguez Vehicle & Equipment Mechanic 562-908-3441 ERodriguez
Edward Gomez Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 edgomez
Edward Ibarra FT Instructor 562-463-3117 eibarra
Edward Medrano Hourly Lecture - AJ 562-463-7756 emedrano
Edward Rickter Part Time Instructor 562-908-3460 erickter
Edward Wu Senior Systems Analyst 562-463-6600 ewu
Eileen Rutherford Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 erutherford
Elaine Hemenway FT Instructor 562-463-7549 ehemenway
Elaine Martinez Part Time Instructor 562-463-3409 emartinez
Elba Munoz Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 emunoz
Elizabeth Avila Scheduling Tech - Cont. Edu 562-908-3469 eavila
Elizabeth Barraza Lecturer (Certificated) 562-463-4606 ebarraza
Elizabeth Beltran Accounting Tech. II 562-463-7098 LBeltran
Elizabeth Casebolt Part Time Instructor 562-463-7433 ecasebolt
Elizabeth Chavez Career Development Center Spec 562-908-3407 lchavez
Elizabeth Crossman Part Time Instructor 562-908-3429 ecrossman
Elizabeth Curtis Part Time Instructor 562-908-3409 ecurtis
Elizabeth Haney Senior Secretary 562-908-3441 LHaney
Elizabeth Serrao Part Time Instructor 562-463-3101 eserrao
Elizabeth Tabb Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 etabb
Elizabeth Tarin Instructional Assistant - Appr 562-908-3448 ETarin
Elizabeth Telles Clerk Typist III 562-463-3123 Elizabeth.Telles
Elizabeth Viorato Financial Aid Assistant 562-463-3363 EViorato
Elizabeth Young Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 eyoung
Elsa Becerra Senior Instructional Assistant 562-463-7364 eanguiano
Elvia Garcia Children's Center Aide-Part ti 562-908-3494 egarcia
Elvira Aguilar Senior Instructional Assistant 562-463-3105 EAguilar
Elvira Sanchez Gonzalez Child Dev. Teacher/Classified 562-908-3494 esanchez
Emmy Kong Part Time Counselor 562-908-3467 ekong
Eric Bladh Part Time Instructor 562-463-7359 ebladh
Eric Larson Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 elarson
Eric Lee Coaching Specialist (P.E.) 562-463-3409 elee
Eric Martinez Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 eric.martinez
Eric Olson Part Time Instructor 562-908-3460 eolson
Erich Munden Tool Room Attendant 562-463-7384 EMunden
Erika Tapia Student Services Asst-Part Tim 562-463-6649 etapia
Erin Irwin Part Time Instructor 562-908-3472 eirwin
Erwin Figueroa Photocopier Machine Operator 562-463-6640 EFigueroa
Ethel Battles Interpreter Coordinator 323-497-2452 EBattles
Eugene Blackmun FT Instructor 562-463-7350 eblackmun
Eugene Olea Lecturer (Certificated) 562-463-4606 eolea
Eugene Page Part Time Instructor 562-463-7359 epage
Eva Cabral Clerk Typist II 562-463-7602 ECabral
Eva Menchaca Testing Technician 562-463-7225 EMenchaca
Evan Skorka Part Time Instructor 562-908-3472 eskorka
Evelyn Gomez Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 egomez
Fabian Mejia Summer Hourly Lecture - AJ 562-463-7756 fmejia
Fabiola Sianturi Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 fsianturi
Faozat Ogunremi Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 fogunremi
Farrah Nakatani Part Time Instructor 562-908-3460 fnakatani
Faye Campbell Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 fcampbell
Fernando Villegas Part Time Instructor 562-908-3467 fvillegas
Firouz Mosharraf FT Instructor 562-463-7560 fmosharraf
Firouzeh Daryoush FT Instructor 562-463-7536 fdaryoush
Frances Cummings FT Instructor 562-463-7497 fcummings
Francine Arriaga Admissions and Records Assista 562-463-7744 FArriaga
Frank Accardo FT Instructor 562-463-7706 faccardo
Frank Garcia Utility Worker 562-463-7608 Fgarcia
Frank Tran General Maintenance Worker 562-908-3441 ftran
Frederick Adams Lecturer (Certificated) 562-463-4606 fadams
Gabriel Beeler Part Time Librarian 562-908-3416 gbeeler
Gabriel Carrasco Theater Production Coordinator 562-463-7705 GCarrasco
Gabriela Olmos instruct. Assist. Virtual Coll 562-463-3220 GOlmos
Gail Biesemeyer FT Instructor 562-463-3233 gbiesemeyer
Gail Chabran FT Instructor 562-463-3128 gchabran
Gail Modyman FT Instructor 562-463-3232 gmodyman
Gary Curtis Part Time Instructor 562-908-3444 gcurtis
Gary Duran Part Time Instructor 562-463-7509 gary.duran
Gary Halvorson FT Instructor 562-463-7366 ghalvorson
Gary Maehara Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 gmaehara
Gary Van Voorhis Dir. Info Technology Svs. 562-908-3488 gvoorhis
Genaro Mendez Buyer 562-463-7236 GMendez
Geoffery Milam Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 gmilam
Geoffrey McWilliams Part Time Instructor 562-908-3472 gmcwilliams
George Kimber FT Instructor 562-463-7738 gkimber
George Lopez Mgr., Operations and Maint. 562-463-7594 GLopez
George Wang FT Instructor 562-463-7569 gwang
George Wheeler Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 gwheeler
Georgia Gaspar FT Instructor 562-463-3115 ggaspar
Gerald Wallace FT Instructor 562-941-4082 gwallace
Gerard Tcheumani Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 gtcheumani
Gigi Terminel Lecturer (Certificated) 562-463-4606 GTerminel
Gilbert Puga FT Instructor 562-463-3129 gpuga
Gina Bove Instructional Assistant - Comm 562-463-3104 gbove
Gisela Spieler-Persad FT Instructor 562-463-3222 gspieler
Glendon Ruby Senior Grounds Maintenance Wor 562-908-3441 gruby
Graciela Trejo Clerk Typist II-Part Time 562-908-3405 gtrejo
Grant Tovmasian Part Time Instructor 562-908-3429 gtovmasian
Gregorio Sanchez Part Time Instructor 562-908-3472 gvsanchez
Gregory Miller FT Instructor 562-908-3472 gmiller
Grover Howard Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 ahoward
Guadalupe Alvarado FT Counselor 562-463-7580 lalvarado
Guadalupe Gonzalez Children's Center Aide-Part ti 562-908-3494 lgonzalez
Guadalupe Scianni Child Dev. Teacher/Certificate 562-908-3494 LScianni
Gwendolyn Wyatt Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 gwyatt
Hank Fung FT Instructor 562-463-7546 hfung
Hao Vo Senior Instructional Assistant 562-463-3751 HVo
Hayde Gonzalez Account Clerk III 562-463-7095 hgonzales
Heba Griffiths Director EOPS/CARE 562-908-3423 hgriffths
Hector Gonzalez FT Instructor 562-463-7446 hgonzalez
Hector Molina Senior Instructional Assistant 562-463-3789 HMolina
Hector Villa Custodian 562-908-3441 hvilla
Helia Gomez Senior Secretary 562-463-7262 HGomez
Hemberto Zavala Computer Equipment Repair Tech 562-908-3474 azavala
Henry Cascella Part Time Instructor 562-908-3429 hcascella
Henry Gee VP Student Services 562-908-3489 HGee
Henry Sauceda FT Counselor 562-463-7612 hsauceda
Holly Armstrong Part Time Instructor 562-908-3409 harmstrong
Howard Kummerman Dean, Inst. Research & Plannin 562-908-3412 howard.kummerman
Huy Nguyen Network Specialist 562-463-4689 Hnguyen
Indrasena Wijenayake Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 iwijenayake
Irene Huang FT Instructor 562-463-7514 ihuang
Irene Okura Part Time Counselor 562-908-3420 iokura
Irene Torres Scheduling Technician 562-463-3211 ITorres
Irene Truong FT Librarian 562-908-3416 itruong
Irene Vu Grant - Non-teaching 562-908-3460 IVu
Irma Caballero EOPS Evaluator 562-563-7263 IGCaballero
Irma Valdivia FT Instructor 562-463-7462 ivaldivia
Ivonne Torres Part Time Instructor 562-908-3472 ivonne.torres
Jack Flynn Community Services Instructor 562-908-4606 jflynn
Jack Gill Part Time Instructor 562-908-3472 jgill
Jack Latson Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 jlatson
Jaclyn Magginetti Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 jmagginetti
Jacob Kevari Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 jkevari
Jahna Beard Hourly Lecture - AJ 562-463-7748 JBeard
Jaime Brenes Electrician 562-908-3441 JBrenes
Jamahl Melton Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 jmelton
James Allen Part Time Instructor 562-908-7359 jrallen
James Ameen Part Time Instructor 562-908-3429 jameen
James Bland Part Time Instructor 562-463-7748 JBland
James Bowen FT Instructor 562-463-3108 cbowen
James Chandler LAC/Tutorial Serv. Coordinator 562-463-3102 jchandler
James Galindo Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 jgalindo
James Hazlett Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 jhazlett
James Matthis FT Instructor 562-463-3123 jmatthis
James Newman FT Instructor 562-463-7747 jnewman
James Poper Director Facilities Svs. 562-908-3441 jpoper
James Sass Research Analyst 562-908-3412 jsass
James Teeples Hourly Lecture - AJ 562-463-7756 jteeples
Jamie Hammond Part Time Instructor 562-908-3409 jhammond
Jan La Turno FT Instructor 562-463-7555 jlaturno
Janeece Berry Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 jberry
Janet Cruz Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 jcruz
Janet Duncan Senior Secretary 562-463-7359 JDuncan
Janet Hose Part Time Instructor 562-908-3405 jhose
Janet Kazibwe Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 jkazibwe
Janet Smith Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 jasmith
Janette Morales Part Time Counselor 562-908-3467 jmorales
Janice Lopez Instructional Division Secreta 562-463-7268 jgarcia
Janice Willis Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 jwillis
Jannine Livingston FT Instructor 562-463-7699 jlivingston
Jasmine Lopez Interim Director TRIO 562-463-3473 jlopez
J Sable Cantus Technology Systems Trainer 562-908-3436 jcantus
Javier Hoil Coaching Specialist (P.E.) 562-463-3409 jhoil
Javier Luna Part Time Instructor 562-463-7394 jluna
Javier Valenzuela Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 jvalenzuela
Jean Rhee Part Time Instructor 562-463-7359 jrhee
Jeannette Duarte FT Instructor 562-463-3112 jduarte
Jeannie Liu FT Instructor 562-463-7359 jliu
Jedediah Dineen Hourly Lecture - AJ 562-463-7756 jdineen
Jeff Valdes Part Time Instructor 562-908-3472 jvaldes
Jeffrey Gunn Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 jgunn
Jeffrey Rigby Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 jrigby
Jennette Noriega Part Time Instructor 562-463-7334 jnoriega
Jennifer Alba Interpreter/Trans for Deaf 562-908-3420 jalba
Jennifer Bidwell Part Time Librarian 562-908-3416 jbidwell
Jennifer Burchett Sr. Administrative Assistant 562-463-5151 jburchett
Jennifer D Amato Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 jdamato
Jennifer Fernandez FT Counselor 562-941-4082 jfernandez
Jennifer Lee Clerk Typist III 562-463-4606 jlee
Jennifer Pakula Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 jpakula
Jennifer Paris Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 jparis
Jennifer Scott Theatre Technician 562-908-3437 jscott
Jennifer Tanaka-Hoshijo FT Instructor 562-463-7435 jtanaka
Jennifer Villanueva Children's Center Aide-Part ti 562-908-3494 Jennifer.Villanueva
Jeremy Cosand Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 jcosand
Jeremy Hart Part Time Counselor 562-908-3467 jhart
Jerome Joco Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 jjoco
Jeronimo Ribaya FT Instructor 562-463-7504 jribaya
Jerry Earley Part Time Instructor 562-463-7509 jearley
Jesse Wong Computer Equipment Repair Tech 562-463-3744 JesseWong
Jesus Verdiell Part Time Instructor 562-463-7756 jverdiell
Jill Fitch Part Time Instructor 562-908-3429 jfitch
Jill Pfeiffer FT Instructor 562-463-7455 jpfeiffer
Jo Ann Springer FT Instructor 562-463-3137 jspringer
JoAnn Armenta Part Time Instructor 562-463-7359 jarmenta
JoAnn Vorndran Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 jvorndran
Joanne Haskins Part Time Instructor 562-463-3238 jhaskins
Jodi Senk FT Instructor 562-463-7430 jsenk
Johana Vasquez Children's Center Aide-Part ti 562-908-3494 jvasquez
Johanna Aceves Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 jaceves
John Bennett FT Instructor 562-941-4082 jrbennett
John Cameron Part Time Instructor 562-463-7359 jcameron
John Frala FT Instructor 562-463-7473 jfrala
John Francis FT Instructor 562-908-3453 jfrancis
John Louie Part Time Instructor 562-908-3460 jlouie
John Manifor Part Time Instructor 562-908-3460 jmanifor
John Marshall FT Instructor 562-463-3122 jmarshall
John St. Marie Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 jstmarie
John Tyberg Part Time Instructor 562-908-3429 jtyberg
Johnnie Atkins Part Time Instructor 562-463-7359 jatkins
Jon Whitford FT Instructor 562-463-7940 jwhitford
Jonathan Uniza Part Time School Nurse 562-908-3438 juniza
Jordan Huynh Part Time Counselor 562-908-3467 jhuynh
Jorge Caamano Community Services Instructor 562-908-4606 jcaamano
Jorge Huinquez FT Counselor 562-463-3207 jhuinquez
Jorge Ruiz Admissions and Records Assista 562-463-7638 jruiz
Jorge Trujillo Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 jtrujillo
Jose Arroyo DSPS Couns/Specialist 562-908-3420 jarroyo
Jose Baca FT Instructor 562-463-7444 mbaca
Jose Duran FT Instructor 562-463-7446 jduran
Jose Gutierrez Summer School Counselor 562-908-3410 jagutierrez
Jose Lara Part Time Instructor 562-463-3136 jlara
Jose Rodriguez EOPS Counselor 562-463-7297 jrodriguez
Joseph Rasmussen Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 jrasmussen
Joseph Rhee Instructor 562-463-7571 jhrhee
Joseph Sunyogh FT Instructor 562-463-7369 jsunyogh
Joseph Tomeo Part Time Instructor 562-463-7397 jtomeo
Joshua Ramirez Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 jramirez
Joshua Troesh Part Time Instructor 562-463-7359 jtroesh
Jovany Munoz Part Time Instructor 562-463-7659 jmunoz
Joy Tsuhako Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 jtsuhako
Joyce Robinson Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 jrobinson
Juan Fernandez FT Instructor 562-908-3429 jrfernandez
Juana Mora FT Instructor 562-463-7491 jmora
Jude Moreno Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 jmoreno
Judi Smith Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 jsmith
Judith Henderson Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 JHenderson
Judith Kandel Part Time Instructor 562-908-3472 jkandel
Judy Neeley Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 jneeley
Judy Sevilla-Marzona FT Librarian 562-463-3378 jsevilla
Julie Breihan Instruc. Asst. - Fitness Ctr. 562-908-3461 jbreihan
Julie Huang FT Instructor 562-463-7356 jhuang
Julie Shafer Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 jshafer
Julius Thomas FT Counselor 562-463-7614 jthomas
Justina Chen Instructional Lab Tech - Chemi 562-463-7523 jchen
Kagba Suaray Part Time Instructor 562-908-3472 ksuaray
Kalani Flores Irrigation Spec. & Grnds. Lead 562-908-3441 KFlores
Karen Beck Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 kbeck
Karen Bourgaize Part Time Librarian 562-908-3484 kbourgaize
Karen Gottlieb FT Instructor 562-463-3238 kgottlieb
Karen Koos Dean, Math & Sciences 562-463-7500 kkoos
Karen Safrit Part Time Instructor 562-908-3409 ksafrit
Karen Schwenkmeyer Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 kschwenkmeyer
Karen Unger Part Time Instructor 562-463-7437 kunger
Karin Nelson Part Time Instructor 562-463-7359 Knelson
Karl Aragundi Part Time Instructor 562-908-3461 karagundi
Karleen Curlee FT Instructor 562-463-3110 kcurlee
Katherin Brandt FT Instructor 562-463-3239 Katherin.Brandt
Katherine Lopez-Alvarado FT Instructor 562-463-3230 klopez
Katherine O'Brien EOPS Counselor 562-463-3223 kobrien
Kathi Hemphill Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 KHemphill
Kathleen Colquitt Part Time Instructor 562-463-7359 kcolquitt
Kathleen Hannah FT Instructor 562-463-3234 khannah
Kathleen Mitzen Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 kmitzen
Kathleen Symons Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 ksymons
Kathryn Alton Part Time Instructor 562-908-3460 kalton
Kathryn Colby Part Time Instructor 562-908-3472 kcolby
Kathy Burdett Clerk Typist III 562-463-3754 KBurdett
Kathy Gomez Senior Instructional Assistant 562-463-3104 kgomez
Kathy Guan Part Time Instructor 562-463-7359 kguan
Kathy Pudelko FT Instructor 562-463-7423 kpudelko
Keith White PT P.E. Fitness Center 562-908-3461 kwhite
Kelli Florman FT Instructor 562-463-7731 kflorman
Kelly Lynch FT Instructor 562-463-3156 klynch
Kelly Okamoto Instruc. Asst. - Fitness Ctr. 562-908-3461 kokamoto
Kenitha Roberts Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 kroberts
Kenneth Lim Part Time Instructor 562-908-3460 klim
Kenneth Pierson VP, Academic Affairs 562-463-3100 KPierson
Kent Freeman Hourly Lecture - AJ 562-463-7756 kfreeman
Kerri Chang Child Dev. Teacher/Classified 562-908-3494 kchang
Kerry Farmer Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 kfarmer
Kevin Barman Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 kbarman
Kevin Kay Summer Hourly Lecture - AJ 562-463-7756 kkay
Kevin Luong Web Developer 562-463-3747 kluong
Kevin O'Connor Warehouse Storekeeper 562-463-7214 KOConnor
Kevin Smith FT Instructor 562-463-7460 ksmith
Kimberly Gregg Part Time Instructor 562-908-3409 kgregg
Kimberly Mosley Part Time Instructor 562-908-3460 kmosley
Kimberly Phillips Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 kphillips
Kirk Vichengrad Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 kvichengrad
Kirsten Olson Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 kolson
Kristen San Jose Part Time Instructor 562-463-7359 ksjose
Kristen Zearbaugh Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 kzearbaugh
Kristin Mclean Human Resources Asst. II 562-463-5156 KItatani
Kristina Karmiryan Part Time Instructor 562-908-3409 kkarmiryan
Krysia Mayer FT Instructor 562-463-7563 kmayer
La Vonne Hirabayashi Library/Media Tech. 562-463-3753 LHirabayashi
Laura Beavin Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 lbeavin
Laura Sobrino Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 lsobrino
Laura Verdugo EOP&S/CARE Specialist 562-463-7275 lverdugo
Laurel Gagen Part Time Instructor 562-463-7412 lgagen
Lauren Zhan Accountant 562-463-7080 jessie.zhan
Laurie Yount Library/Media Clerk 562-908-3416 LYount
Lawrence Guillow Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 lguillow
Leah Griffith FT Instructor 562-463-7547 lgriffith
Lee Clauss Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 lclauss
Lee Haeberlein Part Time Instructor 562-463-7392 lhaeberlein
Leena Sheth Part Time Instructor 562-908-3429 ljogia
Leigh Ann Unger Director Admissions and Records 562-908-7623 lunger
Lesley Leighton Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 lleighton
Leslie Gardner-Lemus Community Services Instructor 562-463-4606 lgardner-lemus
Lily Isaac FT Instructor 562-463-3118 lisaac
Linda Hawley FT Instructor 562-463-7548 lhawley
Linda Morales Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 lmorales
Linda Valadez Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 lvaladez
Linda Vasquez Student Services Asst. 562-463-6650 LVasquez
Lindsey Klabacha Part Time Instructor 562-908-3409 lklabacha
Lisa Jay Part Time Instructor 562-908-3409 ljay
Lisa Little Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 LLittle
Lisa Ross Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 lross
Lisa Sandoval Senior Instructional Assistant 562-463-7364 LSandoval
Lisa Talbot Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 ltalbot
Lisette Acevedo FT Instructor 562-463-3131 lacevedo
Lori Pullman Part Time Instructor 562-908-3460 lpullman
Lori Rusch Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 lrusch
Lorraine Castellanos Articulation Specialist 562-908-3401 LCastellanos
Lorraine Duran Clerk Typist III 562-463-7724 LDuran
Lorraine Sedillo Senior Switchboard Operator/Ma 562-463-7211 LSedillo
Lorraine Serrano Accounting Tech. II 562-463-7084 LSerrano
Lorraine Sfeir FT Instructor 562-463-3124 lsfeir
Loy Nashua Dean of Student Affairs 562-908-3498 lnashua
Lucio Villaneda Utility Leadperson 562-463-7608 LVillaneda
Luis Rodriguez Instructional Assistant - Busi 562-463-7364 LRodriguez
Lukas Gunderson Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 lgunderson
Lula Livanis Part Time Instructor 562-908-3429 llivanis
Luz Borjon Part Time Counselor 562-908-3410 lborjon
Lydia Corrales Clerk Typist III 562-908-3433 lcorrales
Lydia Gonzalez FT Instructor 562-463-7529 lokelberry
Lynette Nyaggah FT Instructor 562-463-3125 lnyaggah
Lynne Berman Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 lberman
Manuel Castro Custodian 562-908-3441 mcastro
Marc Titel Part Time Instructor 562-463-7359 mtitel
Marc Weiss Part Time Instructor 562-463-7359 mweiss
Marci Katznelson Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 mkatznelson
Marco Orozco Part Time Instructor 562-908-3444 morozco
Margaret Griffith FT Instructor 562-463-7684 mgriffith
Margie Munoz Instructional Division Secreta 562-463-7575 MMunoz
Mari Foster Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 mfoster
Maria Carmona-Herrera Library/Media Tech. 562-908-3416 MCarmona
Maria Fraga Assistant Buyer 562-463-7237 MFraga
Maria Ordaz Student Services Asst. 562-908-3438 MOrdaz
Maria Pilar Custodian-Hourly 562-908-3441 mpilar
Maria Rios Part Time Instructor 562-463-7359 mrios
Maria Ugalde Part Time Instructor 562-908-3101 mugalde
Maria Vega Part Time Counselor 562-463-7314 mvega
Maria Elena Martinez Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 mmartinez
Mariam Rubio Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 mrubio
Mariano Zaro FT Instructor 562-908-3429 mzaro
Maribel De Leon Counselor/Coord. El Monte Promise 562-463-3159 mdeleon
Marie Eckstrom FT Instructor 562-463-3113 meckstrom
Marina Markossian Part Time Instructor 562-908-3429 mmarkossian
Mario Chavez Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 mario.chavez
Marisela Saenz Foster/Kinship Care Prog. Spec 562-908-3435 MSaenz
Marisol Moreno Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 mmoreno
Marius Dornean FT Instructor 562-908-3460 mdornean
Mark Askren Part Time Instructor 562-908-3429 maskren
Mark Dennis Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 mdennis
Mark Ditko Part Time Instructor 562-908-3460 mditko
Mark Grooms Part Time Instructor 562-463-7359 mgrooms
Mark Littrell FT Instructor 562-463-7556 mlittrell
Mark Matsui Director of DSPS 562-908-3420 mmatsui
Mark Williams Supervision - other 562-908-3407 mwilliams
Mark Yokoyama Hourly Lecture - AJ 562-463-7756 myokoyama
Marsha Folts Computer Oper. Tech. 562-908-3436 MFolts
Marta Munoz Student Services Asst. 562-463-7315 MartaMunoz
Martha Carreon Part Time Instructor 562-463-7445 mcarreon
Martha De La Mora FT Counselor 562-463-7581 mdelamora
Mary (Dennyse) Clark EOPS Counselor 562-463-7289 mclark
Mary (Rachel) Garcia Sr. Administrative Assistant 562-463-7469 rgarcia
Mary Janssen Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 mjanssen
Mary Newkirk Part Time Instructor 562-463-7422 mnewkirk
Mary Rivera FT Counselor 562-463-3755 mrivera
Mary Ann Pacheco Part Time Instructor 562-463-3127 mpacheco
Mary Lauren Buckley Schaer Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 mbuckley
Mary-Linn Hughes Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 mhughes
Mathew Koutroulis FT Instructor 562-463-7516 mkoutroulis
Matthew Pitassi FT Instructor 562-463-7561 mpitassi
Maureen Baker Part Time Instructor 562-463-7359 mbaker
Maurice Meysenburg Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 mmeysenburg
Mauricio Reyes Part Time Instructor 562-908-3460 mauricio.reyes
May Sangalang-Ortiz Part Time Instructor 562-908-3472 msangalang-ortiz
Megan Cummins Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 mcummins
Melanie Florio Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 mflorio
Melanie Hiller Part Time Instructor 562-908-3429 mhiller
Melissa Alvarez-Mejorado Research Data Technician 562-463-7252 MAlvarez
Melissa Cunningham Part Time Instructor 562-463-7756 mcunningham
Melissa Govea Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 MGovea
Melissa Juarez FT Instructor 562-463-7448 mjuarez
Mellanie Reeve Part Time Librarian 562-908-3416 mreeve
Mercedes Martinez FT Instructor 562-463-7354 Mimartinez
Michael Brady Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 mbrady
Michael Champion Lecturer (Certificated) 562-463-4606 bchampion
Michael Dighera FT Instructor 562-463-7365 mdighera
Michael Flores Part Time Instructor 562-463-7756 mflores
Michael Forrest FT Instructor 562-463-7510 mforrest
Michael Hinze FT Instructor 562-463-7416 mhinze
Michael Hole Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 mhole
Michael Koger Part Time Instructor 562-908-3429 mkoger
Michael Langer Hourly Lecture - AJ 562-941-4082 mlanger
Michael Mikita Part Time Instructor 213-271-7240 mmikita
Michael Salazar FT Instructor 562-463-7429 msalazar
Michael Slavich Dean Career Tech. Ed./Ins. Op. 562-463-7368 MSlavich
Michael Tellez Part Time Instructor 562-463-7436 mtellez
Michael Zare Part Time Instructor 562-908-3460 mzare
Michelle Bean FT Instructor 562-908-3429 mbean
Michelle Pilati Corselli FT Instructor 562-463-7448 mpilati
Michelle Redinger Part Time Instructor 562-463-7359 mredinger
Michelle Serrano Switchboard Operator/Mailroom 562-463-7211 miserrano
Michelle Yriarte Clerk Typist III 562-908-3403 MYriarte
Miguel Quiteno Computer Equipment Repair Tech 562-463-3743 MQuiteno
Mikael Gartner Hourly Lecture - AJ 562-941-4082 mgartner
Mike Javanmard FT Instructor 562-463-7449 mjavanmard
Mike Munoz Dean Counseling & Student Success 562-463-4693 mrmunoz
Milton Hernandez Hourly Lecture - AJ 562-463-7756 mhernandez
Ming Chen Senior Systems Analyst 562-463-3741 ming.chen
Ming-yin Scott Part Time Instructor 562-463-7359 myscott
Mircea Voda Part Time Instructor 562-908-3472 mvoda
Misty Cervantes Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 mcervantes
Mohamed Rassmy Senior Accountant 562-463-7087 MRassmy
Moises Mata FT Instructor 562-908-3429 mmata
Monica Francis Instructional Division Secreta 562-908-3460 MFrancis
Monica Guevara-Albino Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 mguevara
Monica Rocha Part Time Instructor 562-463-4606 mrocha
Monica Villa Student Services Asst. 562-463-6648 MVilla
Monika Acosta Financial Aid Coordinator 562-463-3360 MAcosta
Monique Delatte Part Time Librarian 562-463-3484 mdelatte
Monique Velasco Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 mvelasco
Muata Kamdibe FT Instructor 562-463-3120 mkamdibe
Myeshia Armstrong VP Finance & Business 562-463-7099 marmstrong
Myrna Reyes Clerk Typist III 562-941-4082 MReyes
Nabil Zaki Part Time Instructor 562-463-7382 nzaki
Nahrin Hinaro Part Time Counselor 562-908-3460 nhinaro
Nanci Gralapp Instructional Division Secreta 562-908-3472 ngralapp
Nancy Galban Coordinator of Admissions and 562-463-7635 NGalban
Nancy Gallagher Part Time Instructor 562-908-3429 NGallagher
Nancy Maffris Part Time Counselor 562-463-7585 nmaffris
Nancy Mazurek Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 nmazurek
Naomi Banuelos Secretary 562-463-7623 nbanuelos
Natasha Ramos-Bernal Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 NRamosBernal
Ned Lazaro Part Time Instructor 562-463-7495 nlazaro
Nellie Hernandez-Garcia Counselor/Coord. Student Success & Support Non-Credit 562-463-7311 nhernandez-garcia
Ngatha Nyaggah Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 nnyaggah
Nguyen Vu FT Instructor 562-463-7568 nvu
Nichole Cervantes Registration Clerk 562-463-7630 ncervantes
Nicolas Hua Lecturer (Non-Cert) 562-463-3216 nhua
Nicole Lewis Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 nlewis
Nicole Quinn Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 nquinn
Nicole Strathman Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 nstrathman
Niki Milani Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 nmilani
Nikos Guskos Part Time Instructor 562-463-7756 nguskos
Nilsa Rivera FT Counselor 562-463-7591 nrivera
Norkor Omaboe Part Time Instructor 562-908-3409 nomaboe
Norma Garcia Testing Technician 562-463-7225 ngarcia
Norma Sevilla Lecturer (Certificated) 562-463-4606 nsevilla
Norman Scott Fire Academy Training & Op. Sp 562-941-4082 NScott
Olga Lawrence Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 OLawrence
Olivia Almanza Human Resources Asst. II 562-463-5155 OAlmanza
Olivia Vallejo Part Time Counselor 562-463-7311 OVallejo
Orlando Brenes Part Time Instructor 562-463-7402 obrenes
Oscar Rivas Part Time Instructor 562-908-3472 orivas
Owen Newcomer Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 onewcomer
Paige Melvin Part Time Instructor 562-908-3409 pmelvin
Pam Boyd FT Instructor 562-463-3228 pboyd
Pamela Richardson Part Time Instructor 562-908-3406 prichardson
Par Singhaseni Part Time Instructor 562-908-3472 psinghaseni
Patrice Daniels Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 pdaniels
Patricia Castellanos Clerk Typist III 562-463-7299 PCastellanos
Patricia Chavez Part Time Instructor 562-463-7659 pchavez
Patricia Gallego Part Time Instructor 562-463-7447 pgallego
Patricia Kepner FT Instructor 562-463-7452 pkepner
Patricia Luna FT Instructor 562-463-3235 paluna
Patricia Malave Senior Financial Aid Asst. 562-463-3368 PMalave
Patrick Mc Connell FT Learning Disabilities Speci 562-463-7657 pmcconnell
Paul La Blanc Part Time Instructor 562-908-3409 paullablanc
Paul Lona P.E. and Athletic Equipment At 562-463-7417 LonaP
Paul Ozima Computer Equipment Repair Tech 562-463-4680 POzima
Paul Salazar Hourly Lecture - AJ 562-463-7756 psalazar
Pein Cherng Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 pcherng
Peter DeVries Part Time Instructor 562-908-3472 pdevries
Phildon Huffaker Part Time Instructor 562-908-3430 phuffaker
Phillip Hutchison Part Time Instructor 562-908-3460 phutchison
Pho Truong Custodian 562-908-3441 PTruong
Poy Sakjirapapong Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 pivanova
Priscilla Watkins Part Time Instructor 562-463-7421 pgwatkins
Rajiv Singh Part Time Instructor 562-463-7359 rsingh
Ralph Pascual Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 rpascual
Ralph Romo Grounds Equipment Operator 562-908-3441 RRomo
Ralph Velazquez FT Instructor 562-463-3120 rvelazquez
Raquel Flores-Olson FT Instructor 562-463-7583 rflores
Raymundo Esquivel Part Time Instructor 562-463-7541 resquivel
Rebecca Green Dean, Social Science, Hum., Ph 562-463-7494 rgreen
Rebecca Rayas Senior Secretary 562-463-7748 RRayas
Rene Tai Instructional Division Secreta 562-908-3431 Rtai
Renee' Gallegos Sr. Administrative Assistant 562-463-7267 RDGallegos
Richard Avila Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 ravila
Richard Lowe Part Time Instructor 562-463-3409 RLowe
Richard Sennet Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 rsennet
Richard Steele Part Time Instructor 562-463-7396 rsteele
Richard Stein FT Instructor 562-463-7370 rstein
Rigoberto Castro Part Time Counselor 562-908-3410 rcastro
Robbie Wright Instructional Lab Tech - Biolo 562-463-7508 rwright
Robert Beauchemin Part Time Instructor 562-908-3460 bbeauchemin
Robert Bethel FT Instructor 562-463-7496 rbethel
Robert Botello FT Instructor 562-463-7531 rbotello
Robert Feliciano FT Instructor 562-463-7732 bfeliciano
Robert Gavela Part Time Instructor 562-908-3460 rgavela
Robert Holcomb Asst. Dean Stud Success Retent 562-463-3123 RHolcomb
Robert Landeros Hourly Lecture - AJ 562-463-7748 RLanderos
Robert Leon Hourly Lecture - AJ 562-463-7756 rleon
Robert Marsh Heating/Air Conditioning & Plu 562-908-3441 RMarsh
Robert Miller FT Instructor 562-463-7685 robert.miller
Robert Quezada Jr. Grant - Non-teaching 562-908-3460 rquezada
Robert Reid Hourly Lecture - AJ 562-463-7756 rreid
Robert Velarde Part Time Instructor 562-463-7382 rvelarde
Robert Villaneda Custodial Leadperson 562-463-7604 RVillaneda
Roberto Clemente Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 rclemente
Roberto Ramirez Admissions and Records Assista 562-463-7628 rramirez
Robin Babou FT Librarian 562-463-3375 rbabou
Robin Siara Part Time Instructor 562-463-7434 rsiara
Rodolfo Rios FT Instructor 562-463-7359 RRios
Roger Hernandez Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 rhernandez
Ronald Reeder FT Instructor 562-463-7695 rreeder
Ronald Santo Summer Hourly Lecture - AJ 562-463-7756 rsanto
Ronald Smith Hourly Lecture - AJ 562-463-7756 rsmith
Rosa Prado Interim Counselor/Coord. CalWORKs 562-463-7313 rprado
Rosario Sakamoto Part Time School Nurse 562-908-3438 rsakamoto
Rose Gaw Part Time Counselor 562-908-3467 rgaw
Rose Marino Children's Center Aide-Part ti 562-908-3494 rmarino
Rose Misanchuk Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 rmisanchuk
Rosemarie Sanceda A&R Specialist/Analyst 562-463-7644 rsanceda
Rosemary Rivas Account Clerk II 562-463-4673 RRivas
Rowena Mendoza Instructional Assistant - Comm 562-463-7744 RMendoza
Ruben Agus CAD/GIS Computer Technician 562-463-7382 Ragus
Rudy Martinez Library/Media Tech. 562-908-3416 RMartinez
Russell Castaneda-Calleros Dir. Comm. &Govt. Relations 562-463-7268 rcastaneda-calleros
Russell Muir Athletic Trainer 562-463-7407 russell.muir
Ruth Benitez Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 rbenitez
Ruth Sanchez Admissions and Records Assista 562-463-7631 rsanchez
Ruzanna Karmiryan Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 rkarmiryan
Ryan Bergner Hourly Lecture - AJ 562-463-7756 rbergner
Ryan Bronkar FT Instructor 562-463-7535 rbronkar
Ryan Terukina Hourly Lecture - AJ 562-463-7748 RTerukina
Ryan Velasco Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 rvelasco
Sally Burroughs Part Time Instructor 562-908-3409 SBurroughs
Sally Ellis Part Time Librarian 562-908-3416 sellis
Sally Willsey Instructional Assistant - LAC 562-908-7283 SWillsey
Samuel Isaac Part Time Instructor 562-463-3101 sisaac
Sandra Rivera Library/Media Tech. 562-463-3208 SRivera
Sandra Salcedo Instructional Division Secreta 562-908-3498 SSalcedo
Sandra Sandello Exe. Asst. to the President/Bo 562-463-7271 SSandello
Sandra Sierra Senior Financial Aid Asst. 562-463-3371 SSierra
Santiago Garcia Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 sgarcia
Sasha Montero Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 smontero
Scott Dehart Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 sdehart
Scott Dixon FT Instructor 562-463-7329 sdixon
Scott Haberle Part Time Instructor 562-463-7748 shaberle
Sean Hughes Part Time Instructor 562-908-3460 shughes
Sergio Barron Part Time Instructor 562-463-7246 sbarron
Sergio Guzman FT Counselor 562-463-7611 Sergio.Guzman
Sergio Rebia Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 srebia
Seth Daugherty Part Time Librarian 562-908-3416 sdaugherty
Shaina Phillips Director Student Life & Leadership 908-463-6647 sphillips
Shane Butler Part Time Instructor 562-908-3409 sbutler
Shari Herzfeld FT Instructor 562-463-3236 sherzfeld
Shari Magnus Human Resources Coord. 562-463-5153 smagnus
Sharon Bell FT Instructor 562-463-7075 sbell
Shayna Henry Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 slhenry
Sheila Lynch FT Instructor 562-463-7680 slynch
Shelly Poetter FT Instructor 562-463-7328 Sferrari
Shelly Spencer FT Instructor 562-463-7505 sspencer
Sheri Stover Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 SStover
Shimonee Kadakia Part Time Instructor 562-908-3472 skadakia
Shin Liu FT Instructor 562-463-7351 sliu
Shirley Isaac Part Time Instructor 562-908-3472 scisaac
Shyamala Moorty Part Time Instructor 562-463-3995 smoorty
Sondra Moe FT Instructor 562-463-7493 smoe
Song Graham FT Counselor 562-908-3410 sgraham
Sonia Cruz Food Services Worker-Part Time 562-908-3494 SCruz
Sonia Padua Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 spadua
Sparkle Hickey Part Time Instructor 562-908-3101 shickey
Stephanie Gonzales Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 SGonzales
Stephanie Wells FT Librarian 562-463-3379 swells
Stephen Gabriel Mgr. of Mech. and Electrical S 562-463-7603 sgabriel
Stephen Gothold Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 sgothold
Stephen Katnik FT Instructor 562-463-7501 skatnik
Stephen Kibui Director of Accounting 562-463-7016 skibui
Stephen Koelle FT Instructor 562-463-3107 skoelle
Steve Johnson FT Instructor 562-463-4703 sjohnson
Steve Tomory FT Instructor 562-463-7371 stomory
Steven Hebert Dean, P.E./Athletic Director 562-463-7414 shebert
Steven Moshier FT Instructor 562-463-7700 smoshier
Steven Rohr Part Time Instructor 562-463-3103 srohr
Steven Valdes Part Time Instructor 562-463-7359 Svaldes
Stewart Lozano Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 slozano
Su-Chen Sueng Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 ssueng
Susan Ikeda Community Services Instructor 562-463-4606 sikeda
Susan Uniza Accountant II 562-463-7082 SUniza
Susana Rodriguez Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 srodriguez
Susanna Levitt Part Time Instructor 562-463-3971 slevitt
Suzanne Frederickson Instructional High Tech Access 562-463-7648 sfrederickson
Suzanne Tang FT Instructor 562-463-3229 stang
Sylvia Acuna Part Time School Nurse 562-908-3438 sacuna
Sylvia Duran-Katnik FT Counselor 562-463-3362 sduran-katnik
Sylvia Viramontes Publication Specialist 562-463-3143 sviramontes
Tamara Sharma Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 tsharma
Tamara St. John Part Time Instructor 562-463-7359 tstjohn
Tammy Camacho Part Time Counselor 562-463-3222 tcamacho
Tanya Batura Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 tbatura
Tarek Azmy Part Time Instructor 562-463-7756 tazmy
Teddi Esko Part Time Instructor 562-463-7411 tesko
Teresa Dreyfuss Superintendent/President 562-463-7099 TDreyfuss
Teresa Gonzalez Student Services Asst. 562-463-7209 TGonzalez
Teresa Madamba Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 tmadamba
Teresa Martinez Clerk Typist II 562-463-3210 tamartinez
Teresa Perez Instructional Assistant - Comm 562-463-7749 tperez
Terry Keller FT Instructor 562-463-7503 tkeller
Theodore Preston FT Instructor 562-463-7456 tpreston
Theresa Freije FT Instructor 562-463-3114 tfreije
Therese Safavi Library/Media Tech. 562-908-3416 TSafavi
Thomas Callinan FT Instructor 562-463-3109 tcallinan
Thomas Connally Part Time Instructor 562-463-7756 tconnally
Thomas DeHardt Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 tdehardt
Thomas Hawkins Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 thawkins
Tiffany Gause Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 tgause
Timothy Connell Dir., Contract Mgmt. & Vendor 562-908-3413 TConnell
Timothy Mount Part Time Instructor 562-908-3101 tmount
Timothy Shaw Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 tshaw
Tina Caldera Secretary 562-463-6641 TCaldera
Tina Costantino-Lane Part Time Instructor 562-463-3103 tlane
Tina Escobedo Part Time Instructor 562-290-8321 tescobedo
Tina Thomsen Clerk Typist III 562-908-3421 TThomsen
Tod Shacklett Part Time Librarian 562-908-3484 tshacklett
Todd Lim Part Time Instructor 562-463-3966 tlim
Tracy Rickman FT Instructor 562-941-4082 trickman
Tram Tran Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 ttran
Tri Tran Part Time Instructor 562-908-3429 tctran
Troy Flores-Olson Career Counselor 562-463-7583 tolson
Tyler Okamoto FT Instructor 562-908-3429 tokamoto
Van Vuong Network Specialist 562-463-4688 VVuong
Vanessa Chavez Interim Project Manager Student Success & Support 562-463-3212 vchavez
Vann Priest FT Instructor 562-463-7520 vpriest
Venessa Hernandez Evaluations Technician 562-463-7645 VHernandez
Verenisa Alfaro Lecturer (Certificated) 562-463-4606 valfaro
Vernon Padgett FT Instructor 562-463-7453 vpadgett
Veronica Rodriguez Senior Secretary 562-908-3467 VRodriguez
Veronica Vallarta Evaluations Technician 562-463-7647 vvallarta
Vicenta Arrizon Maffris Part Time Counselor 562-908-3467 vamafrris
Victor Kowalski Part Time Instructor 562-908-3472 vkowalski
Victoria Chavez Hourly Lecture - AJ 562-463-7756 vmchavez
Victoria Rodriguez Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 Victoria.Rodriguez
Viken Hovsepian Evening/Wkend College Coording 562-908-3437 vhovsepian
Virginia La Fleur Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 vlafleur
Virginia Montez-Ochoa Part Time Instructor 562-908-3421 VMontez-Ochoa
Vivian Arenas-Vellanoweth Part Time Librarian 562-908-3416 vvellanoweth
Viviana Villanueva Part Time Instructor 562-908-3410 VVillanueva
Voiza Arnold Part Time Instructor 562-908-3429 varnold
Walter Christensen Part Time Instructor 562-908-3472 wchristensen
Wanda Mullikin Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 wmullikin
Warren Roberts FT Instructor 562-463-7373 wroberts
Warren Washington Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 wwashington
Wells Sloniger FT Instructor 562-463-3107 wsloniger
Wen Cheng Part Time Instructor 562-908-3460 wcheng
Wendy Gonzalez Clerk Typist III 562-908-3429 wgonzalez
Wendy Lai Part Time Instructor 562-908-3429 wlai
Wendy Lucko Part Time Instructor 562-908-3460 wlucko
William Ashburn Locksmith 562-463-7598 HAshburn
William Enright Part Time Librarian 562-908-3484 wenright
William Hornsby Part Time Instructor 562-463-7735 whornsby
William Korf FT Instructor 562-463-7698 wkorf
William Leo Hourly Lecture - AJ 562-463-7756 wleo
William Morton Part Time Instructor 562-908-3460 wmorton
William Murphy Part Time Instructor 562-941-4082 wmurphy
William Ripley Part Time Instructor 562-463-3103 wripley
William Stone Part Time Instructor 562-908-3460 wstone
Winnie Liu Accounting Tech. II 562-463-7090 wliu
Ybonne Torres Part Time Instructor 562-908-3431 ytorres
Yesenia Lopez Part Time Counselor 562-463-7334 ylopez
Yesenia Macias Part Time Instructor 562-908-3460 ymacias
Ygnacio Flores Dean of Public Safety 562-463-7733 Yflores
Yishin Ho Part Time Instructor 562-463-3429 rho
Yolanda Adame Parking Services Facilitator 562-463-7609 Yadame
Yolanda Emerson Director Human Resources 562-463-5150 YEmerson
Yolanda Haro Part Time Instructor 562-908-3460 yharo
Yolanda Ramirez Secretary 562-908-3444 YRamirez
Ysmael Parra FT Counselor 562-463-7589 jparra
Yumi Kiyose Part Time Instructor 562-908-3471 ykiyose
Yvette Garcia EOPS Counselor 562-463-7285 ygarcia
Yvonne Gutierrez-Sandoval Director Financial Aid 562-463-4624 ygutierrez-sandoval
Zachary Sharrett Part Time Instructor 562-908-3472 zsharrett
Zulma Calderon instruct. Assist. Virtual Coll 562-463-3219 zcalderon