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What is Growth Mindset?

Thursday, Feb 14, 2019

Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm

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The brain is a mystery to many of us. Some people believe that a person is born either smart, average, or dumb---for life. Mindset is a self-perception theory; it is about one’s attitude, and it shapes how one understands and responds to situations. New research indicates that the brain is like a muscle. Understand how your brain is malleable and with effort will only get more efficient. The Learning Assistance Center (LAC) is presenting a series of workshops that will demonstrate how effort and resilience stimulates the neurons of your brain that lead to academic success. These workshops will help you identify which mindset you belong to. Are you Fixed or is your brain open to Growth? Also, learn to use the power of Yet, and remind yourself that success is just a matter of time and effort. Participate in this workshop to explore your potential and the new frontiers of your brain with a Growth Mindset.

Rio Hondo College: Learning Assistance Center, (562)908-3418

3600 Workman Mill Rd.

Whittier, CA 90601, United States

Event Location

Learning Assistance Center, (LR-114)
3600 Workman Mill Rd.
Whittier, California 90601


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