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Laura Scudder Grant

The Historical Society of Monterey Park (HSMP) is pleased to announce that two (2) $3,000 Grants will be made available to students currently enrolled in an accredited community college or culinary school located in the San Gabriel Valley. The student’s field of study must be in Nursing, Business or Culinary Arts.

The $3,000.00 Grants are presented in the name of Laura Scudder, a former business entrepreneur in Monterey Park. Laura Scudder (1881-1959), was a nurse, attorney and a business woman, most famously known for her potato chips.

These generous grants are funded through the foundation established by the Scudder family and coordinated by John Scudder, grandson of Laura Scudder. HSMP will receive all required documentation directly from the students, conduct the student interviews and make the final decision on who receives the Scudder Grant money. The Grant money will be given directly to the students.