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“Mentoring is the pairing of an individual (mentor) who has expert knowledge or skill with someone (mentee) desiring to gain that knowledge or skill in order to further develop professional expertise.”
— Michael Zey, The Mentor Connection

Our Mission

To embark on a collaborative effort to promote, recruit and assist high school, college students and industry professionals in exploring a career in STEM and CTE teaching.

"I was attending Rio Hondo college, I saw flyers on the CTE teach program. I went to the whole program and now I'm here teaching…”

Aaron Le Picture

Aaron Le

Teacher, Southern California ROC
Former STEM-CTE | TEACH mentee

Our Vision

The STEM-CTE/TEACH program strives to be an exemplary teacher pipeline program, allowing students and working professionals to gain access to quality teacher education and explore a career in teaching.

“I’m proud that I was able to follow through the programming so they gave me the ability to find a career that allowed me to be successful…”

Jose Millan Picture

Jose Millan

Instructor, Rio Hondo College, ACEDD Dept.
Former STEM-CTE | TEACH mentee