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Bachelor of Science Degree

Career & Technical Education

Associate Degree for Transfer - A degree with a Guarantee logo

Associate in Science Degree for Transfer (AS-T)

Associate in Arts Degree for Transfer (AA-T)

**In Progress


Certificate of Skill Proficiency


Behavioral & Social Sciences

Public Safety

Arts and Cultural Programs

Non-Credit Certificate of Completion

Career & Technical Education

  • B.I.M and CADD Technology for Architecture
  • Civil Drawing and Pressure Piping
  • English as a Second Language
  • Parametric Modeling and CADD Technology for Mechanical Design
  • Welding

Degrees & Certificates

Accounting (AS / COA)
Accounting for Government and Non-Profit Organizations (CC)
Administration of Justice (AS)
Administration of Justice for Transfer (AS-T)
Advanced Engine Performance (AS / COA)
Advanced Engine Performance Technician (COA)
Alternative Energy Technology (AS / COA)
Alternative Fuels/Advanced Transportation Technology (AS / COA)
Animation (AS)
Anthropology for Transfer (AA-T)
Architecture (AS)
Architectural Design & Drawing (AS)
Architectural Design & Drawing – Technician (COA)
Art (AA)
Art History for Transfer (AA-T)
Athletic Trainer’s Aide (CC)
Automotive Technology (AS / BS)
Basic Police Training (CC)
Biology (AS)
Brake & Suspension Services (COA)
Business Administration (AA)
Business Administration for Transfer (AS-T)
Business Marketing (AS / COA)
Certified Nurse Assistant Acute Care (CC)
Chicano Studies (AA)
Child Development (AS / COA)
Civil Design -Technology (AS / COA)
Civil Design & Drawing (COA)
CIT – Computer Systems (AS / COA)
CIT – Microcomputer Specialist (AS / COA)
Communication Studies for Transfer (AA-T)
Computerized Accounting (COSP)
Corrections (AS)
Dance (AA)
Desktop Technician (CC)
Diesel Fuel & Emission Systems (COA)
Drug Studies (AS / COA)
Early Childhood Education for Transfer (AS-T)
Economics for Transfer (AA-T)
Electric Vehicle and Fuel Cell Technology Technician (AS / COA)
Electronics Technology (AS / COA)
Elementary Teacher Ed. For Transfer (AA-T)
Emergency Medical Technician – EMT (COSP)
Engine Repair (COA)
Engineering (AS)
Engineering Design & Drafting (AS)
Engineering Design & Drafting Technician (COA)
English for Transfer (AA-T)
English & Literature (AA)
Entry Network Technician (CC)
Environmental Science (AS)
Environmental Technology (AS / COA)
Fire Technology (AS / COA)
Fitness Specialist (COA)
Fuel Injection Systems (COA)
Game Development (COSP)
General Automotive Service (COA)
General Service Technician (COA)
General Studies: Arts & Human Expression (AA)
General Studies: Science & Math (AA)
General Studies: Social Behavior & Self-Development (AA)
General Studies: Social Sciences (AA)
Geographic Information Systems (COA)
Graphic Design (AS)
Heavy Equipment Technology (AS)
Heavy Equipment Service Technician Specialist (COA)
History for Transfer (AA-T)
Home Health Aide (CC)
Honda Professional Career Training Prog. Specialization (AS)
Honda/Acura Air Conditioning and Supplemental Restraint Systems (COA)
Honda/Acura Brakes, Suspension, and Electronic Systems (COA)
Honda/Acura Engine Repair and Chassis Electrical Systems (COA)
Honda/Acura Power Train and Transmission Systems (COA)
Human Services (COSP)
Income Tax Preparer (COSP)
International Business (AS / COA)
Journalism for Transfer (AA-T)
Kinesiology for Transfer (AA-T)
LADBS Structural Steel Certification Program (COA)
Logistics Management (AS / COA)
Management and Supervision (AS / COA)
Mass Comm: Mass Media Specialization (AS / COA)
Mass Comm: Print Media Specialization (AS / COA)
Mathematics for Transfer (AS-T)
Music (AA)
Network Technician (CC)
Nurse Assistant Pre-Certification Training Course (CC)
Nursing ADN (RN) (AS)
Nursing (LVN to ADN) (AS)
Nursing (LVN to RN)
Nursing (Psy Tech to RN) (AS)
Nursing (Vocational Nursing) (AS / COA)
PC Repair Technician (CC)
Philosophy (AA)
Philosophy for Transfer (AA-T)
Photography (AS)
Physics for Transfer (AS-T)
Political Science for Transfer (AA-T)
Preschool Teacher (COA)
Psychology for Transfer (AA-T)
Retail Management (COA)
Safety, Comfort and Convenience Systems (COA)
Small Business Management (AS / COA)
Social Work (AA)
Sociology for Transfer (AA-T)
Spanish for Transfer (AA-T)
Studio Arts for Transfer (AA-T)
Surveying, Mapping & Drawing (COA)
Theatre Arts (AS)
Theatre Arts for Transfer (AA-T)
Transmission Service (COA)
Welding Technology (AS)
Wildland Fire Technology (AS / COA)
Legend: Certificate of Achievement (COA), Career Certificate (CC), Certificate of Skill Proficiency (COSP), Associate of Arts for Transfer (AA-T), Associate of Science for Transfer (AS-T)