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Teacher Assistantship-Mentorship Program (TeAM) – For Students / Mentees

Participants: Rio Hondo College Students

CONGRATULATIONS! You are about to embark on a rewarding and fulfilling experience. By serving as a teacher assistant (mentee) to a faculty in your field of study you will have the opportunity to reflect on the many aspects of the teaching and learning process while exploring and developing your skills in a mentored environment under the guidance of an experienced teacher (mentor) who has traveled through the educational pipeline.

If you want to apply for the Teacher Assistantship-Mentorship Program (TeAM) this semester, please review the eligibility requirements below. For an overview of all the requirements and guidelines of this program, please read/or print a copy of the Mentee Guidelines and Code of Conduct found in Step 1.

TeAM Eligibility and Paperwork Requirements:

In order to participate, you must be a full time or part-time student pursuing a certificate/ degree and currently taking classes at Rio Hondo College. Required
All applicants (new and returning students) must submit a STEM-CTE TEACH application. Required
For First Time Applicants Only:
Submit a faculty letter of recommendation from a former teacher/instructor or from a job supervisor.Submit a one-page, double-spaced essay about why you want to be a teacher or how this mentoring program will benefit you.Your letter of recommendation and essay must be submitted with your application.
Must be registered for at least 6 units for the semester that the activity/service is to be performed.  Exceptions can be made if student can prove reasonable circumstances
Grade Point Average (G.P.A.) – GPA of at least 2.5 in previous academic work. Transcripts may be required for verification.
Mentees who are eligible for a stipend must be able to provide documentation verifying identity and authorization of his/her right to work in the US. Required


Review the Mentee Guidelines and Code of Conduct for guidelines, eligibility requirements and code of conduct.


TeAM Application and Required Forms
You will need to submit the following application requirements to participate in the TeAM program:

  • For Returning and First Time participants: Application form (see online application below)
  • For First Time Applicants Only:
    • One page, double- spaced essay on “Why I Want to be a Teacher” or “How The Mentoring Program Will Benefit Me”
    • Recommendation letter (ex. faculty or employer)

Please submit all of the application requirements as indicated above and e-mail/mail or hand-deliver it to the address below:

Rio Hondo College
Career and Technical Education Division
T123, Applied Technology Building
3600 Workman Mill Road
Whittier, CA 90601

Complete Mentee Forms are available here for download/printing, simply click on the links below:

Name of Form To Be Completed By Submission Date
Application Form
(First-time applicants: submit with a one-page essay on “Why I Want To Be A CTE-Teacher” or “How This Program Will Benefit Me”)
Mentee Prior to the start of TeAM program
Needs Assessment Form Mentee with help from Mentor Complete during the 1st Introductory Meeting w/ Mentor. Submit at the end of the program..
Monthly Time Sheet Mentee End of the TeAM program
Mentee Evaluation of the Mentoring Experience Mentee End of the TeAM program
Program Evaluation Mentee End of the TeAM program
This is a new form required by the IRS for any person who has performed duties to earn a stipend of $600.00 or more in a calendar year. You will receive a 1099-MISC tax form.
Mentee End of the TeAM program


Attend one STEM-CTE TEACH Info/Orientation Session. Info/Orientation sessions are held at the beginning of the semester. Call theSTEM- CTE TEACH office for the next orientation session at 562-463-3152.


Submit all required forms. Once you receive an e-mail confirmation of your acceptance to the TeAM program, please contact your assigned mentor as soon as possible to arrange your first meeting. On your initial meeting, you and your mentor will:

  • Complete the Needs Assessment form to plan the semester
  • Agree on the days you will be meeting.
  • Exchange contact information


Complete 30 mentee hours required for the program. Make sure you complete your time sheet promptly so you don’t forget the hours you worked. At the end of the semester, submit all required forms to your mentor or to the STEM-CTE TEACH office. Print the other required forms, which are:

  • Completed Needs Assessment form
  • Time sheet(s)
  • Mentee Evaluation of the Mentoring Experience
  • Program Evaluation
Please contact the STEM-CTE TEACH Office if you have any questions or concerns. E-mail us at or call (562) 463-3152.