Automotive Technology Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Automotive Technology is designed to prepare an individual for a wide variety of technology-based careers within the Transportation Industry Sector.  This innovated career designation means that the overall knowledge and skills attained by students within the program center on persistent enhancement in post-production support within today’s high-tech Automotive Technology environment, specializing in after-sales Automotive Technical Service, Business Management and Support.

The Bachelor of Science in Automotive Technology builds on the college’s existing Automotive Technology Program. Our current program—which is well aligned with the automotive industry both regionally and nationally—provides a solid foundation for the development of the new bachelor’s program. Successful candidates for employment within organizations requiring a baccalaureate degree in this field need high level advanced Automotive Technology skills and knowledge. Graduates need to be technically competent and possess strong interpersonal skills, such as the ability to communicate effectively, solve problems, work in teams, and pursue continued professional development. The primary goal of the proposed Bachelor of Science in Automotive Technology Degree (ATD) is to provide the automotive industry with employees with these skills. Students will receive training in various business, management and technical courses such as Managerial Accounting, Leadership, Marketing, Advanced Vehicle Systems Design and Performance. Other courses will emphasize soft skills, such as communication, business and technical writing, and human relations.

Lower Division Courses Required for the Degree*:
* courses in other transportation areas from other California Community Colleges and/or accredited institutions of higher education will be accepted at the discretion of the Bachelor of Science Automotive Technology Program.

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