The board determines the criteria used to select the appointee. A board ad hoc committee may be used to develop and propose criteria to the entire board, or the discussion may take place in the board as a whole. The selection criteria may be used to help trustees review applications to choose their top candidates, select a number of finalists to be interviewed, and decide who to appoint.

Possible criteria are:

  • Interest in and commitment to service to the community;
  • Interest in and commitment to public education and student learning;
  • Knowledge about and commitment to the role and mission of community colleges in the communities they serve and in the context of all higher education;
  • Willingness and ability to represent those who live in the service area; mindful of the perspectives of diverse constituencies;
  • Willingness to advocate the district and its interests to the community and state;
  • Knowledge and background related to the issues considered by the board (e.g. community needs, funding, education, district operations);
  • Ability to work as a member of a public governing board; understands that the board, not the individual trustees, has authority;
  • Ability to articulately express perspectives and respect the perspectives of others;
  • Willingness to work cooperatively with others and in partnership with the CEO;
  • Time and energy necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of being a trustee;
  • Willingness and time to engage in ongoing professional development;
  • Commitment to fulfill the ethical and legal responsibilities of trusteeship, unencumbered by private agendas; and/or
  • Qualities, background, and stature that will enhance the standing of the district in the community.