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Student Services & Support Programs

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Student Support Services Quick Guide

Admissions and Records

Admissions and Records (Room SS120) The Admissions and Records Office is the first point of contact for all students entering Rio Hondo College. This office is responsible for all items, from application to graduation pertaining to a student’s academic record. This includes: applications; residency issues; registration; enrollment and degree verification; transcripts; evaluation of external transcripts; grades from faculty; drops from students and faculty; course repetitions; pass/no pass grading option; graduation and certificate petitions; International Student applications; and issues student ID cards, parking permits and tap cards. In addition, we also ensure that Rio Hondo College is abiding by Title 5 and Education Code Standards. All students’ records are also maintained in accordance with the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).  (562) 908-3415; Leigh Ann Unger, Director


CalWORKs Program (Room SS220) California Work Opportunity and Responsibility for Kids (CalWORKs) helps student-parents receiving cash aid from the state through Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), also referred to as welfare-to-work. CalWORKs’s exists to help eligible students achieve their educational goals and to re-enter the workforce by becoming self-sufficient. Services provided include: specialized academic counseling, assistance with Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) compliance and paperwork, work-study funding, priority registration, laptop/calculator loans, and more. (562) 463-7311; Diego Silva, Counselor/Coordinator

Center for Career & Re-entry Services

Center for Career & Re-entry Services (Room SS350) The Center for Career and Re-Entry Services assists individuals in making informed career and life decisions by providing a clear pathway through extensive career and educational counseling services, and engaging activities. The CCRS is dedicated to helping our adult learners succeed through the provision of comprehensive educational, counseling, and support services. (562) 908-3407; Lisa Chavez, Dean


Counseling (Room SS160) Assists students with their academic and career goals by offering counseling classes, orientations, assistance with educational plans, choosing a major, graduation requirements and transfer requirements. Our counselors are dedicated professionals who are more than willing to address concerns either online or on-campus. Students who regularly meet with a counselor are far more successful in college than those who do not. (562) 908-3410; Lisa Chavez, Dean

Disabled Students Program & Services

Disabled Students Program & Services (Room SS330) DSPS provides, to eligible students, services above and beyond other available services on campus. These services may include in-classroom services (such as note-taking, sign language interpreter, specialized furniture, etc.) and specialized services such as registration assistance, counseling, access to DSPS computer lab and assistive technology. (562) 908-3420; Connie Gutierrez, Director

Extended Opportunity Program & Services/CARE

EOP&S/CARE (Room SS240) The Extended Opportunities Programs & Services (EOP&S) provides “over and above” services to students from economically and educationally disadvantaged backgrounds. The Program supports the enrollment, retention and transfer of students and helps facilitate the successful completion of their educational goals. Services provided include: Specialized Counseling (3 times per semester), Priority Registration, Book Service, Meal Vouchers, Educational Supplies, Laptop/Calculator Loans and several other services to help students succeed.

Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE) is a supplemental component of EOP&S that specifically assists students who are single/head of household with children and who are also on government assistance. CARE provides supportive services in order for students to acquire the education, training and marketable skills need to transition from welfare-dependency to employment and eventual self-sufficiency for their family. In addition to receiving all services provided by EOP&S, CARE students also receive: Motivational Workshops/Trainings, Merit Grants, Gas Cards/Single Parent Conferences, Family Holiday events, Scholarship and Fundraising Opportunities as well as campus and community referrals/advocacy.

(562) 908-3423; Heba Griffiths, Director

Financial Aid

Financial Aid (Room SS130)  The Financial Aid Office is committed to assisting students access financial aid resources for higher education. All students are strongly encouraged to apply for financial aid, even if they believe they may not qualify. Types of financial aid available include fee waivers, grants, student loans and work-study.  (562) 908-3411; Loy Nashua, Executive Dean

Federal Student Aid  fafsa.gov (RHC school code=001269) or Dream Act dream.csac.ca.gov (RHC school code=00126900)

Foster/Kinship Care Education & Independent Living Program

Foster/Kinship Care (Room SS307) focuses on providing ongoing quality education and support opportunities to the community with an emphasis on caregivers of children and youth in and out-of-home care so that these providers may meet the educational, emotional, behavioral and developmental needs of children and youth in the foster care system. (562) 908-3435; Deborah Lopez, Program Specialist


GO RIO (CI169 ) All full-time students in good financial standing (no outstanding debts) are eligible for a free transit pass that is honored by all of the following transit operators.

El Monte Transit

Foothill Transit
To download the latest information on Foothill Transit bus schedules and fares, please click on the new EBusBook link below:

Los Angeles County Public Works Sunshine Shuttle


Montebello Bus Lines

Norwalk Transit 

Full-time students are students who register for and maintain 12 units or more during the entire semester.  Students 9-11.5 units may purchase the pass for $50.00.  Summer prices will vary inquire at the Admissions and Records Photo ID window.

GO RIO U-Pass Sticker 

Students can obtain the GO RIO U-Pass Sticker by visiting Admissions and Records Photo ID window located outside of SS-120.  Please visit our Eligibility page to see if you meet the requirements. Also, check the GO RIO Important Semester Dates page for information on when passes are available for the current semester.

562.463.7268; Dr. Russell Castaneda-Calleros, Director

Guardian Scholars Program

Guardian Scholars (Room SS307) The Guardian Scholars Program is a  comprehensive student support program that serves current and former foster youth pursing higher education.  The Guardian Scholars Program at Rio Hondo College is dedicated to providing services and support that meet the personal and academic needs of our students in successfully transitioning into adulthood, obtaining a degree/certificate and/or transferring to a four-year university. 

The Guardian Scholars Program provides the following support services:

  • Priority Registration
  • Counseling Services/Educational Planning
  • Textbook & Emergency Assistance
  • Educational Supplies
  • Laptop & Calculator Loans
  • Academic/Life Skills Workshops and Events/Field Trips
  • On Campus Meal Vouchers & Snack Pantry
  • Cap & Gown with Stole for Graduates
  • Partnerships with County ILP Services/Transitional Coordinators
  • Referrals to on and off campus resources
  • Access to Computer & Printer

(562) 463-7472; Marisela Saenz, Counselor/Coordinator

Honors Transfer Program

The Honors Transfer Program (SS250) will challenge you academically, support you through your academic journey, and strengthen your transfer application. If you’re a highly motivated student at Rio Hondo College and planning on transferring to a four-year institution, consider the Honors Transfer Program to put you on the path to transfer success. (562) 463-6657; Melissa Rifino Juarez;  Program Coordinator;  (562) 463-4619; David Tieu, Counselor

Hope Scholars

Hope Scholars (SU206) is a cohort of students who are facing or have recently faced housing insecurity. Students are eligible for services under AB 801, which may include priority registration, residency verification, CA Promise, scholarships, dedicated support services and resources.

  • Supportive services, utilizing case management and intrusive advising, for students who are homeless or housing insecure, as defined by AB 801
  • Students may be eligible for priority registration, scholarships, residency verification, CA Promise, in addition to resources and support

Violence Intervention Program:

  • Outreach, education, and prevention programming related to sexual and intimate partner violence
  • Information and resources related to Title IX reporting options and process
  • Referrals to on-campus and free off-campus resources for sexual/intimate partner violence crisis intervention, counseling, support groups, legal services, and case management
  • Confidential Advocates provide crisis intervention, trauma-informed support, referrals, and information to survivors of sexual/intimate partner violence and their loved ones
    (562) 908-3427; Shaina Phillips, Director


The library (LRC 2nd Floor) offers:

  • New TEXT & CHAT services!
  • Printing & photocopying
  • Group study rooms
  • Reserve textbooks
  • Books for pleasure and research
  • eBooks
  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Research databases
  • Research assistance
  • Citation help
  • Workshops

562-908-3416; Circulation Desk


The goals of the Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) Program  and the TRiO Student Support Services STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Program (S205) are to support student retention and success by providing a STEM study center with academic services such as tutoring, academic excellence workshops specific to major preparation courses, academic and career advising, professional development, financial literacy and networking opportunities. 562-463-3221; Dr. Gisela Spieler-Persad, Program Director

Outreach and Educational Partnerships

Outreach and Educational Partnerships (Room LR141) Outreach and Educational Partnerships programs provide prospective students with detailed information regarding post-secondary options and academic and student services programs that are offered at the College. Services provided include middle and high school presentations, campus tours, college prep workshops, parent/community outreach, applications assistance, assessment information and AccessRIO support. (562) 463-4693; Dr. Melba Castro, Dean

Pathway to Law School

Pathway to Law School (Room A203) The Pathway to Law School program is for underrepresented first-generation college students interested in learning more about careers in the legal field and going to law school. The initiative is designed to enhance opportunities and advancement in the legal profession for diverse populations. Ideally, students will spend two years at Rio Hondo College then transfer to any accredited undergraduate institution to complete their bachelor’s degree and then be considered for a priority admissions review to the six participating law schools. (562) 463-7008; Lisa Chavez, Dean


Starting in Fall 2019, all students will have the opportunity to enroll in transfer-level English and Math. Based on information such as high school grade point average, students may be placed into a support class.  Students are encouraged to take the highest level course that they feel comfortable with.  Basic skills courses are still available.

Rio Hondo will continue to provide comprehensive testing services for international students and students to whom English is a new language for accurate placement. Please call to make an appointment. (562) 463-7226; Dr. Melba Castro, Dean

Puente Program

Puente Program (Room A203) The Puente program is a collaboration between the departments of Counseling and Communications and is designed to enhance student completion of transfer English and increase student transfer to four-year colleges and universities. Students participate in individualized counseling, receive unique instruction and are assigned to work with a personal mentor. (562) 463-3207; Jorge Huinquez, Counselor/Coordinator

RioSource Room

The RioSource Room (A119) is a food pantry and hub for community service referrals. Partnering with the LA Food Bank and Grocery Outlet, the RioSource Room has new inventory each week, and averages 2,000lbs of food given out weekly. Student Advocates greet students and offer information and referral to local community based agencies, including: housing, food, CalFresh, Medi-Cal, sexual assault and domestic violence, and mental health resources.

  • Food Pantry, rotating inventory averaging 2,000lbs and 600+ student visits each week!
  • Fresh, frozen and dry goods in addition to hygiene products and personal items
  • Student Advocates are trained in local community resources and how to refer students for services
  • What’s new? Look for recipe cards and a YouTube cooking show this Fall!

Finals Food Distribution: Provides 600 Breakfast Burritos and 1500 slices of pizza daily during finals week to ensure no student is focused on an empty stomach during their final exam

Farmers Market: Fresh produce distributed weekly; free
Mid-Quad- Tuesdays 11:30am-1pm (or until supplies last)

(562) 908-3427; Shaina Phillips, Director

R.I.S.E. Scholars

R.I.S.E Scholars (A207A) educates and empowers formerly incarcerated students or those impacted by the criminal justice system with the knowledge and resources to make their educational or vocational journey at Rio Hondo College successful. (562) 463-7066; Cecilia Rocha, Interim Project Manager

Scholars Hub

The Scholars Hub (Student Union 2nd floor) serves as a one-stop shop for specialized population programs, including the following Scholars programs: Hope (housing insecure), RISE (formerly incarcerated), Queer Initiative (LGBTQIA+), Guardian Scholars (former foster youth) and more. Scholars’ Hub provides a home base, case managers, specialized counselors, study space, tutoring, workshops, success groups, lockers, computers for student use, printing, and assistance with enrollment into public services and resources. (562) 908-3427; Shaina Phillips, Director

Student Affairs

Student Affairs (Room SS204) works with students on various concerns and issues to help foster a positive learning environment on campus. These areas include student behavior and conduct, student complaints and grievances, student complaints of unlawful discrimination and harassment, and student references and background checks by third parties. (562) 908-3498; Loy Nashua, Executive Dean

Student Equity Program

Student Equity Office (A207A) Rio Hondo’s Student Equity Plan (SEP), under Senate Bill 1805 and funded by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office, seeks to enhance enrollment, retention, college-level English and math completion, vision goal completion and transfer for our students. SEP has invested in various targeted activities to help identified student close achievement gaps. 562-463-7066; Cecilia Rocha, Grant Manager; Dr. Juana Mora, Faculty Coordinator

Student Life and Leadership

Student Life and Leadership (Room SU201) The Student Life & Leadership department develops students holistically by providing quality co-curricular programming through campus-wide collaborations. Students are developing socially, emotionally, and academically with programming and services that are driven by our four Guiding Values: Student Success & Degree Completion, Cultural Diversity, Social Responsibility, and Leadership Development. We offer a variety of engagement opportunities including, but not limited to, the Associated Students of Rio Hondo College (ASRHC), Interclub Council (ICC),  Student Ambassador Program, and Student Leadership Institute (SLI). We are located on the 2nd floor of the Student Union. (562) 908-3427; Shaina Phillips, Director

Student Health and Psychological Services

Student Health Services (Room SS230) helps keep students physically and emotionally healthy so they can perform at their best. Professionals available include a Psychologist, Psychology Interns, License MFT, Doctor, Nurses, EMT’s and clerical support staff. The licensed professionals evaluate and treat minor, temporary physical and emotional conditions that require short term care.

Psychological Services (Room SS230) Psychological Services is committed to supporting student academic success and personal development. A full-time clinical psychologist and 3-4 psychology graduate interns are available for students who would like help with personal problems. We offer short-term counseling for students who are struggling with issues such as family and social relationships, romantic relationships, life transitions, sexuality, grief, stress, trauma, anxiety, or depression. Some of the other services are: Crisis Intervention, Outreach and Presentations, Faculty & Staff Consultations, Group Counseling. All services are confidential and free to enrolled students. Appointments are recommended.

(562) 908-3438; Dr. Denna Sanchez, Counselor/Coordinator

Student Success & Dream Center

Student Success & Dream Center (Room LR101) is a place to enhance the academic success of all first-year students and Dreamers at Rio Hondo College. Students meet with a counselor to develop an Educational Plan and receive assistance with AccessRIO navigation, registering for classes and applying for Financial Aid. (562) 463-6650, Cecilia Rocha, Grant Manager

Teacher Preparation Program & Pathways (STEM-CTE Teach)

Rio Hondo’s STEM-CTE Teach program provides a model of contextualized teacher preparation that successfully recruits, trains and supports existing and future educators in the areas of STEM, CTE, higher education and P-12 education.


  • Teacher Assistant-Mentor (TeAM) program – gives students an opportunity to observe and assist our faculty in the classroom while exploring a teaching career.  TeAM students are paired with faculty mentors that have traveled through the educational pipeline into teaching.
  • Dual Enrollment – high school students interested in teaching get a head start by taking a college course while still in high school.  Through our TEACH Pathway, students complete college courses that apply towards the Elementary Teacher Education certificate and transfer degree.
  • Job shadowing/Work-Based Learning – immerses students in the world of work, where they can get first-hand information about teaching skills and career opportunities. Bringing students into the workplace to see a teacher at work gives them an introduction to the classroom and business setting.
  • One-on-one counseling with a designated counselor– allows our students to meet with a designated counselor, at least twice a semester, and develop an educational plan.
  • Professional Development Activities– provide faculty and staff development to secondary and post secondary institutions and business/industry representatives to provide teacher preparation-related information and direction.
  • Transfer information and support to CSUs and other credentialing institutions
  • Future Teachers Mini-Fair and Information Session 
  • Referral Information on Designated Subjects Credential in CTE– in partnership with the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE).

Please contact Lea Martinez at lmartinez@riohondo.edu for any questions.

Transfer Center

Transfer Center (Room SS250) The Transfer Center assists students to identify 4-year universities they are interested in attending and help them make a smooth transition to that college or university. Some of the center’s specific functions include transfer information workshops, annual transfer information days, college/university fairs, university tours, application workshops, sponsoring regular Rio Hondo College visits from university and four year college representatives, and going to college classrooms to discuss with students transfer services and options available to them. (562) 463-4619; Lisa Chavez, Dean

TRIO SSS Program

TRIO SSS (Room SS140) The TRIO SSS Program  is a federally funded TRIO student success and support program designed to assist first-generation, low-income and/or disabled students to achieve college graduation/transfer by providing free tutoring, academic advising, economic stipend assistance, university transfer information, college visitations and cultural activities. (562) 463-3216; Brenda Beza, Program Manager


Rio Hondo College offers a wide variety of free tutoring to students.

  • Learning Assistance Center – (LR114) general tutoring in a variety of subjects. (626) 502-7031 Juan Mendez, (562) 758-0620 Hao Anh Vo, (562)-646-7750 Robert Diaz
  • Math Science Center – (S103 and S300) tutoring for math and science classes. (562) 463-7571; George Wang, Coordinator

Veterans Service Center

Veterans Service Center (Room SS150) The Veterans Service Center (VSC) acts as a liaison between veteran students (or dependents) and the Department of Veterans Affairs. The VSC assists with forms, claims processing and to ensure that VA regulations are complied with for educational benefits. The VSC is also an informational center to assist you with any questions you may have regarding your veterans educational benefits at Rio Hondo College.  (562) 463-3370; Arely Castaneda, Counselor/Coordinator

Writer Resource Center

The Writers’ Resource Center (LR117) provides a welcoming and safe environment where all Rio students can receive instructional support to advance their writing, reading, and oral communication skills for academic and professional purposes. (626) 502-7031 Juan Mendez, (562) 758-0620 Hao Anh Vo, Coordinators