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Student Services Programs

Student Services Program Hours for 2018-2019

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Admissions and Records

Admissions and Records (Room SS120) The Admissions and Records Office is the first point of contact for all students entering Rio Hondo College. This office is responsible for all items, from application to graduation pertaining to a student’s academic record. This includes: applications; residency issues; registration; enrollment and degree verification; transcripts; evaluation of external transcripts; grades from faculty; drops from students and faculty; course repetitions; pass/no pass grading option; graduation and certificate petitions; International Student applications; and issues student ID cards, parking permits and tap cards. In addition, we also ensure that Rio Hondo College is abiding by Title 5 and Education Code Standards. All students’ records are also maintained in accordance with the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).  (562) 908-3415


Assessment (Room LR141) By taking the Assessment test the college can help you to identify the appropriate English, reading, and math class placement level to enhance your success in college. The test is a basic skill class placement test, not a pass or fail test. The scores of these tests will be used to help place you in appropriate classes. There is also an English-as-a-second language (ESL) version of the test for students whose primary language is not English. (562) 463-7226


CalWORKs Program (Room SS220) California Work Opportunity and Responsibility for Kids (CalWORKs) is the State of California’s welfare-to-work program for families and children. The purpose of the CalWORKs program at Rio Hondo College is to provide students who are receiving cash aid/ temporary aid for needy families (TANF) with education, training, and employment skills to become successfully employed. The CalWORKs program provides priority registration, academic, career and personal counseling, case management, computer lab, Work-Study and Employment Assistance, workshops on employment/Life skills, student advocacy, information and assistance about GAIN (Greater Avenue for Independence) requirements, and on and off campus resources. (562) 463-7311

Center for Career & Re-entry Services

Center for Career & Re-entry Services (Room SS350) The Center for Career & Re-entry Services provides career-life planning programs, internships and job placement information. It helps students clarify life and educational goals, choose a major, decide on a career goal, and improve career decision-making skills. The services in the center include career related workshops, career counseling, and career interest testing and interpretation. Internet research and a career library are also available to students in the Center for Career & Re-entry Services. (562) 908-3407


Counseling (Room SS160) Assists students with their academic and career goals by offering counseling classes, orientations, assistance with educational plans, choosing a major, graduation requirements and transfer requirements. Our counselors are dedicated professionals who are more than willing to address concerns either online or on-campus. Students who regularly meet with a counselor are far more successful in college than those who do not. (562) 908-3410

Disabled Students Program & Services

Disabled Students Program & Services (Room SS330) DSP&S offers support services for students who have disabilities. Resource rooms and specialized staff are available to assist students who have Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) verifiable disabilities. Program components include services for people who have learning disabilities or who are physically, psychologically, visually or hearing impaired. The program also serves individuals who have acquired brain injuries, developmental delays and other types of disabilities that cause educational limitations requiring academic accommodations. (562) 908-3420

Extended Opportunity Program & Services/CARE

EOP&S/CARE (Room SS240) The Extended Opportunities Programs & Services (EOP&S) encourages the enrollment, retention and transfer of students, handicapped by language, social, economic and educational disadvantages, and to facilitate the successful completion of their educational goals and objectives. EOP&S offers academic and support counseling, financial aid and other support services that go “over and above” the traditional services offered at Rio Hondo College. Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE) is a supplemental component of EOP&S that specifically assists single-parent students, who are receiving county cash-aid by offering additional supportive services so they are able to become self-sufficient. (562) 908-3423

Financial Aid

Financial Aid (Room SS130)  The Financial Aid Office is committed to assisting students access financial aid resources for higher education. All students are strongly encouraged to apply for financial aid, even if they believe they may not qualify. Types of financial aid available include fee waivers, grants, student loans and work-study.  (562) 908-3411

First Year Success Center

First Year Success Center (Room LR101) The First Year Success Center is a place to enhance the academic success of all first year students at Rio Hondo College through a network of student support services. Students meet with a counselor to develop an Educational Plan and receive assistance with AccessRIO navigation, registering for classes and applying for Financial Aid. (562) 463-6650

Guardian Scholars (Current & Former Foster Youth/Students)

Guardian Scholars (Room SS307) The Guardian Scholars Program is a  comprehensive student support program that serves current and former foster youth pursing higher education.  The Guardian Scholars Program at Rio Hondo College is dedicated to providing services and support that meet the personal and academic needs of our students in successfully transitioning into adulthood, obtaining a degree/certificate and/or transferring to a four-year university. (562) 463-7472

Outreach and Educational Partnerships

Outreach and Educational Partnerships (Room SU206) Outreach and Educational Partnerships programs provide prospective students with detailed information regarding post-secondary options and academic and student services programs that are offered at the College. Services provided include middle and high school presentations, campus tours, college prep workshops, parent/community outreach, applications assistance, assessment information and AccessRIO support. (562) 463-4693


PASS (Room SS140) The PASS (Personal Academic Support Services) Program  is a federally funded TRIO student success and support program designed to assist first-generation, low-income and/or disabled students to achieve college graduation/transfer by providing free tutoring, academic advising, economic stipend assistance, university transfer information, college visitations and cultural activities. (562) 463-3216

Pathway to Law School

Pathway to Law School (Room A203) The Pathway to Law School program is for underrepresented first-generation college students interested in learning more about careers in the legal field and going to law school. The initiative is designed to enhance opportunities and advancement in the legal profession for diverse populations. Ideally, students will spend two years at Rio Hondo College then transfer to any accredited undergraduate institution to complete their bachelor’s degree and then be considered for a priority admissions review to the six participating law schools. (562) 463-7008

Puente Program

Puente Program (Room A203) The Puente program is a collaboration between the departments of Counseling and Communications and is designed to enhance student completion of transfer English and increase student transfer to four-year colleges and universities. Students participate in special counseling, receive unique instruction and are assigned to work with a personal mentor. (562) 463-3207

Student Life and Leadership

Student Life and Leadership (Room SU201) The Student Life & Leadership department develops students holistically by providing quality co-curricular programming through campus-wide collaborations. Students are developing socially, emotionally, and academically with programming and services that are driven by our four Guiding Values: Student Success & Degree Completion, Cultural Diversity, Social Responsibility, and Leadership Development. We offer a variety of engagement opportunities including, but not limited to, the Associated Students of Rio Hondo College (ASRHC), Interclub Council (ICC), Student Ambassador Program, and Student Leadership Institute (SLI). We are located on the 2nd floor of the Student Union. (562) 908-3427

Student Affairs

Student Affairs (Room SS204) Student Affairs is responsible for handling student conduct and discipline, student grievances, compliance issues, and complaints of discrimination and harassment. (562) 908-3498

Student Health and Psychological Services

Student Health Services (Room SS230) College students receive a variety of health services from the college supported by the health fee.  Most services are free and some have a minimal charge. (562) 908-3438

Psychological Services (Room SS230) Psychological Services is committed to supporting student academic success and personal development. A full-time clinical psychologist and 3-4 psychology graduate interns are available for students who would like help with personal problems. We offer short-term counseling for students who are struggling with issues such as family and social relationships, romantic relationships, life transitions, sexuality, grief, stress, trauma, anxiety, or depression. Some of the other services are: Crisis Intervention, Outreach and Presentations, Faculty & Staff Consultations, Group Counseling. All services are confidential and free to enrolled students. Appointments are recommended. (562) 908-3438

Transfer Center

Transfer Center (Room SS250) The Transfer Center assists students to identify 4-year universities they are interested in attending and help them make a smooth transition to that college or university. Some of the center’s specific functions include transfer information workshops, annual transfer information days, college/university fairs, university tours, application workshops, sponsoring regular Rio Hondo College visits from university and four year college representatives, and going to college classrooms to discuss with students transfer services and options available to them. (562) 463-4619

Veterans Service Center

Veterans Service Center (Room SS150) The Veterans Service Center (VSC) acts as a liaison between veteran students (or dependents) and the Department of Veterans Affairs. The VSC assists with forms, claims processing and to ensure that VA regulations are complied with for educational benefits. The VSC is also an informational center to assist you with any questions you may have regarding your veterans educational benefits at Rio Hondo College.  (562) 463-3370