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Students desiring careers in law enforcement may elect a program from Administration of Justice. This program is designed to be transferable or job oriented, depending on student need.

Students seeking careers in corrections, probation and parole should specialize in the corrections option. Some of these areas require four-year degrees.

Students seeking employment with a local, state or federal law enforcement agency should specialize in Administration of Justice. Every student should seek counseling with the assigned member of the Counseling staff in order to develop a comprehensive course of study within his/her career choice.

It is highly recommended that the Administration of Justice student take Introduction to Administration of Justice before advancing to the next courses. This provides a foundation of basic understanding of the Criminal Justice System. The student is now prepared for a study of courses in the Administration of Justice.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)
  • Apply legal definitions, concepts, and principles to law enforcement, courts, or correctional settings.
  • Communicate information in a clear and organized manner.
  • Analyze ethical dilemmas encountered in the law enforcement and/or corrections fields and decide on the correct ethical choice.
  • Apply constitutional, statutory, procedural, and case law to real-life criminal justice situations
  • Adapt to the diverse and multicultural nature of American society in the criminal justice setting.
  • Use the degree or certificate as a platform for a career in the criminal justice field or further study at a 4-year institution

To acquire the Associate of Science Degree in Administration of Justice, it is necessary to complete the graduation requirements of the college along with the following:

Administration of Justice 20-21

NOTE: Students interested in transferring as Administration of Justice majors should consult with a counselor for appropriate general education & major preparation counseling.