Summer Bridge Program

Rio Hondo College

Summer Bridge Program

June 20 - July 28, 2023

Get ready to kickstart your college journey with SUMMER BRIDGE – a FREE 6-week in-person program designed to give new first-year students in California the ultimate head start.

At Summer Bridge, you’ll be fully PREPARED for the academic rigors of college life, and learn what it takes to truly THRIVE. Plus, you’ll get ahead of the game by completing one college course before school starts in the Fall – talk about a win-win!

Ready to take the first step towards college success? Enrolling is easy – just follow these three simple steps:



  • FREE tuition & textbooks for your Summer Bridge class (Saves you $300 or more)
  • FREE Asus Vivobook laptop (valued at $400)
  • FREE academic tutoring and study space
  • FREE field trips to UC Riverside, UC Irvine, and California State University, Long Beach

Summer Bridge Courses at Rio Hondo College

ART 108 - Art of Mexico

This course is a survey of the art and architecture of Mexico, including Pre-Columbian, Viceregal (colonial) and Modem (19th and 20th centuries). Chicano art will also be examined in relation to its Mexican antecedents. ART 108 is appropriate for all students interested in art and culture and for those seeking to fulfill general education requirements in Fine Arts and Humanities, as well as all studio art and art history majors.

EDEV 101 - College & Life Success

This course explores factors that influence success in college and in life. Topics include personal responsibility, critical thinking, motivation, self­ efficacy, personal awareness, lifelong learning, self-management, health and wellness, interpersonal communication in a diverse world, and introduction to career and educational planning. Students learn about higher education’s purpose, demands, requirements, and support services, including at Rio Hondo College and four-year institutions.

MGMT 130 - Small Business Management

This course is designed for students interested in small business, either in a domestic or international market. Topics include start-up methods and techniques, management and operations, marketing, financing and cash management, location strategies, personnel practices, buying and selling strategies, and e-commerce. This course will also provide students with an opportunity to develop a business plan as it pertains to their small business interest.

ASTR 110 - General Astronomy

This descriptive, nonmathematical course is for students who want to develop an appreciation of astronomy and a broad cosmic perspective. Emphasis is placed on the current state of knowledge about our solar system, galaxy, and universe. Topics on the frontier of astronomical knowledge such as black holes and the search for extraterrestrial life are explored. This course is for students with an interest in astronomy or who want to expand their cosmic horizons.

ENGL 101 - College Composition & Research

This course enables students to generate logical, coherent essays and reports necessary for academic and professional success.Students become proficient in research techniques and learn critical reading and thinking skills through reading selections before applying these skills to create original essays and a final research paper. Students complete lab activities that enhance their ability to compose logical, well-supported arguments that exhibit grammatical fluency and correct citation styles

SOC 101 - Introduction to Sociology

This course is designed for students interested in sociology or who want further their understanding of human group behavior and the organization of society. Using several theoretical points of view, students study and analyze (1) the organization of social life; (2) problems of inequality-of age, sex, race and ethnicity, social class, and lifestyle; (3) the basic social institutions: family, religion, and economics; and (4) global issues of technology, social movements, and social change.

Summer Bridge Field Trips


Friday. July 7, 2023
UC Riverside & The Cheech Marin Center for Chicano Art & Culture

Friday. July 21, 2023
UC Irvine & Irvine Ropes Course


Friday. July 28, 2023
CSU Long Beach & Aquarium of the Pacific

For questions or assistance with any applications, please contact the Student Success and Dream Center at (562) 463-6650 or