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Academic & Progress Probation Workshops

What if I am on Probation?

Students who are on academic or progress probation are notified through their Rio Hondo College email at the end of each Fall and Spring semester. Students who have, in any combination, a GPA below 2.0 or have not completed at least 50% of their courses for two semesters in a row are in danger of being dismissed, losing priority registration, and losing the Board of Governor’s (BOG) fee waiver in Financial Aid.

If you are on probation you must complete a Academic/Progress Probation Workshop designed to help you better understand your probation status and learn about student support services. Probation workshops are available in person or on-line.  Students who wish to be reinstated after being dismissed must meet with a Counselor in person. Please call the Counseling Center at (562) 908-3410 to schedule an appointment.

To begin an online Probation Workshop Click Here.

To reserve your spot at an in-person group Probation Workshop Click Here.  Available dates are listed below.

Appeal to keep Priority Enrollment and Board of Governor’s (BOG) Fee Waiver

Students who complete the probation workshop or are reinstated after meeting with a Counselor, will be able to register only during the open enrollment period.  If you feel you have a compelling reason to be granted an appeal to either retain your enrollment priority and/or to retain your BOG fee waiver, please read and complete the Enrollment-Priority-BOG-Appeal-Form.  You can also submit your appeal on-line.  You will be required to provide supporting documentation.

If you need assistance in completing your Enrollment Priority and BOG Appeal, you can attend one of the following workshops.

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

10am – 12pm  OR  2pm – 4 pm


10am – 12pm  OR  2pm – 4 pm


10am – 12pm  OR  2pm – 4 pm


10am – 12pm  OR  2pm – 4 pm


10am – 12pm  OR  2pm – 4 pm


10am – 12pm  OR  2pm – 4 pm


10am-12pm  OR   2pm – 4 pm


10am-12pm  OR   2pm – 4 pm


10am-12pm  OR   2pm – 4 pm


10am-12pm  OR   2pm – 4 pm

*All workshops will be held in SS 107 Conference Room*