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Students have multiple options to apply for scholarships. The information below is not an all inclusive list and Rio Hondo encourages students to seek all possible opportunities.

RHC Foundation

Each year the Foundation offers over 50 scholarships to current Rio Hondo College students. You complete one (1) application and will be automatically matched to available Foundation administered scholarships based on the answers you provide.

Third Party Disbursed by RHC

Scholarship donors who wish to pay for the student’s educational expenses, will send the money to College. It will then be applied to the student’s Banner account and/or a bookstore account.

Third Party Disbursed Directly to the Student

There are many scholarships that are offered directly to students . Please contact the organization offering the scholarship for additional information or to submit an application.


RHC Foundation / Establish a Scholarship

Donors who give one time or who establish an ongoing scholarship for Rio Hondo students may contact the Rio Hondo College Foundation.  There are many opportunities to contribute to established scholarships. Those donors who wish to establish a scholarship will work with the Foundation to determined the criteria. The Foundation manages the application process, selection and awards.

Disbursed by RHC

If you are a scholarship donor, have awarded a scholarship to a Rio Hondo College student and wish to have Rio Hondo disburse the award, you will work with the College through the Financial Aid Office.