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RHCCD Redistricting Process


The Río Hondo Community College District Board of Trustees is seeking public input as it moves forward with a redistricting process that will include updates to the maps used to elect its five-member board.  Trustee boundaries within the District undergo adjustments every ten years to reflect changes to the District’s population, as reported in the U.S. Census. Members of the public are invited to view four maps that have been drafted and provide feedback to the Board.

A virtual public hearing will be held during the next regular Río Hondo Community College District Board of Trustees meeting on Wednesday, January 12, at 6:00PM (PST). Members of the public will be able to provide live comments regarding the maps at the virtual public hearing.  After receiving public comments, the Board will close the virtual public hearing, provide its own input, and provide directions for next steps.  To participate, join the meeting on zoom.

To view each of the four draft maps, click on the appropriate links below.   Clicking on each draft map link will allow you to view the contents of data packets for each draft map.  Each draft map data packet contains close-ups of each of the trustee areas and population data.

Current Trustee Area Boundaries

Proposed Plan A

plan a

Proposed Plan A2

plan a2

Proposed Plan B

plan b

Proposed Plan C

plan c