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Winter Term 2023 F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

Winter Term 2023

What is Winter Term?

  • Winter Term is an excellent way for students to finish school quicker and reach their goals sooner. Students can take courses from January 3rd – January 26th.

What are the benefits of taking courses in the Winter?


  • can register for up to 18 units in Spring and additional units in Winter without needing to request approval for an overload
  • can complete a prerequisite in Winter for a course in Spring
  • can use the Winter Term to retake a course, especially if it is a pre-requisite for a Spring course.

What is the maximum number of units I can take during Winter Term?

  • Students can take up to 6 units in the Winter Term. Please speak with an academic counselor for support with planning your academic pathway(s).  Also, please note that a standard 3-unit lecture class requires 13.5 class hours and 27 homework hours PER WEEK during a four-week term.

Will I still be considered a full-time student if I take 3 units in Winter Term and 9 units in the Spring Semester?

  • Financial Aid will combine Winter Term and Spring Semester units to determine enrollment eligibility (full-time, half-time, or less-than half-time). Students must take 12 units in the Spring Semester to be considered enrolled full-time for admissions and records purposes. See your program director or counselor for other specialized programs.

Will my financial aid cover my Winter Term fees?

  • Financial aid will cover Winter Term. Students can use funds from their Fall disbursement towards winter term. If a student wishes to use their Spring financial aid for Winter Term, be aware that the first disbursement begins the first week of the Spring Semester.  College promise students’ fees (excluding student health, representation, college service, and parking fees) will be covered through the California College Promise program.

What are the fees for the Winter Term?

Enrollment Fee $46 per unit (same every term)
Enrollment Fee for Bachelor $84 per unit (same every term)
Out of State Fee $332 per unit (same every term)
Student Health Fee $ 5.00 (winter only)
Student Representation Fee $ 2.00 (winter only)
College Service Fee $ 2.00 (winter only)
Parking Fee No Charge for winter

How do I enroll in a course during Winter Term?

Which Winter Term courses are transferable?

  • View transferable courses at the following link: PDF

Do I need to complete a new CCCapply application for new Winter Term?

  • If you are a first-time student at Rio Hondo or missed a term of attendance and want to take a Winter course, you will be required to apply for the Winter Term. If you apply for Winter and continue into Spring, you don’t need to apply for Spring. However, you can’t apply for Spring 2023 and register for courses in Winter 2023, you must apply for Winter 2023 if that is when you wish to start (or return after a break in attendance).
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